Are You Ready To Reach Your Potential In This New Year?

Well Here’s the Thing… If you keep on doing the same things, you can only expect the same results!

If you want to embrace the New Year with Optimum Health, Vitality and Energy then it is up to you to choose to do things differently… and the expert team at Mammoth Health are here to help you, support you, guide you and motivate you. All you have to do is DECIDE to make the change.

You see your health is not an event (and interestingly we see so many who want to shape up for an event i.e. wedding, reunion etc). It’s not about taking a vitamin or going for the occasional walk. It is a process. A daily process…  a way of living. The right supplement will certainly give you a kick-start, but it’s how you proceed from there that really makes all the difference. Optimal health mostly happens by choice and it requires focus. It is determined by who you surround yourself withand what you feed into your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bank account.

Merely desiring Optimal Health is not enough! You have to DECIDE to change and then ACT on those changes. You have to want to be that fit, glowing, vital and energetic person that you can be, so badly, that every decision you make throughout your day will support your Transformation. You, and you alone, are responsible for your own health. There are experts like the team at Mammoth Health who can use the latest research, treat any deficiencies or imbalances with premium supplements and support and motivate you… but at the end of the day it’s up to you.

There is a theory that “you become like those with whom you associate”.   Thus the associations you embrace throughout life will determine both the consequences and the rewards of your life. So it follows that if you value your health, the way you look and feel, you will search out the experts in their field. You will hang out with like-minded people who also value and invest in their health.

They have healthy habits, a positive mindset and more often than not these are the people who stretch our thinking, encourage us and help us to grow and embrace life to the full.

Do You Need Help Getting Back On Track After The Festive Season?

  • are you still eating rich, festive foods?
  • are you overeating?
  • are you still drinking every night?
  • are you feeling  sluggish, lethargic, unmotivated & toxic?
  • are you craving sugary, salty foods?
  • is your sleep disturbed or are you waking unrefreshed?
  • are you feeling unmotivated and lacking energy?
  • do you want to Take Back Control?
  • are you Motivated by a Challenge?

Well The “Back On Track Challenge” Is For You!

Take control of your health and your life this year and enjoy the benefits that optimum health brings. We’re certain by the end of the 4 week challenge, you will feel less toxic and fatigued, so you can embrace life and realize your goals and dreams in the New Year. You will look amazing and feel fantastic and you’ll have replaced your unhealthy habits with a positive and empowered mindset. In fact, we are so confident you will achieve results and feel better, that we have a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t.


The “Back On Track Challenge”


  • To Look & Feel Fantastic
  • To Break the “food-craving” Cycle
  • To have Boundless Energy
  • To Increase your Vitality, Radiance & Wellness
  • To Maintain or even Decrease Weight
  • To Increase Confidence
  • To Improve Sleep Quality
  • To develop a Positive Mindset
  • To Create Healthy Daily Habits
  • To Take Back Control and Embrace the New Year with renewed energy, zeal and positivity.


  • 3 x One-on-One Private Consultations with one of our Qualified Naturopaths to professionally monitor your progress, educate, support and motivate you as well as individualise your treatment along the way. Highly recommended if you have other underlying health issues that need to be addressed or you want to take a more professional approach to the challenge (Health ancillary rebates apply to all consultations)
  • Tests (to measure & monitor your pH level/alkalinity and zinc levels)
  • Guidance, Support and Motivation from our Professional Team
  • Quality, high strength “Practitioner-Only” Supplements to support, feed, cleanse and restore and revitalise your body on the Challenge
  • Daily Optimal Eating Plan, Ingredients Guide & Shopping List.
An all-inclusive take-home “Back on Track Pack” which includes:


  • A comprehensive “Back on Track” Information Pack which outlines the program guidelines including a list of foods to enjoy and avoid whilst on the challenge, a daily eating plan and dietary targets, ingredients guide, tips and meal ideas; a detailed exercise requisite for the challenge and a daily checklist to keep you accountable.
  • Quality, high strength Supplements to support, feed, cleanse, restore and revitalise your body on the Challenge
  • An in-store zinc test to measure for appropriate levels


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