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Welcome to the Mammoth Health Wellness Clinic

It’s easy to spot those living their life with passion and purpose – they are the ones full of energy, vitality and enthusiasm. They’ve identified what is important to them and  what inspires them and this underlays how they live each day. It influences their positive mindset, their daily choices around what they eat, how much they move, what daily stress management techniques they incorporate and how much fun and relaxation they include in their daily lives.

For many of us though, life has lost its lustre, its purpose and its joy… and the busyness of our everyday, the stress, anxiety and a lack of balance is often an underlying factor. We’ve lost sight of what’s important to us because we are tired, time-poor, on autopilot and just focussed on getting through the day.

To lead a balanced, enriching life however,  we all know that we must eat well and exercise… because both exercise and eating well creates energy and if we don’t have enough energy it becomes a struggle to live our best life.
It is equally important that for energy replenishment and living a purposeful life that we create ‘space’ in our lives… generate times to stop, relax, reflect and reconnect with what’s really important to us.
To envision what it would be like if we were at our healthiest…  How would our life be different? Our mindset and thinking? Our daily choices and the habits and rituals we incorporate into our daily life?

For most of us therein lies the greatest challenge!
And this is our area of expertise, our passion, our life’s purpose and where Wellness Coaching can help you.

What Happens in a Wellness Coaching Consultation

Wellness is what people strive for – and we now know that wellness consists of many different elements including, physical fitness, good nutrition, restorative sleep, a balance between work and play, the ability to handle stress with good mental and emotional wellbeing.
In fact we know that the state of our mental and emotional health are as important as our physical health.
In our Wellness Coaching sessions we help you create relevant, long-term change so that you are moving towards a happy, healthy you, full of energy and vitality so you can live your best life.

Our approach supports you in clarifying and moving towards:

a) Creating a clear Vision for  Yourself of your Best Self

Creating a clear Vision for yourself is probably one of the most  powerful and significant things you can do.  Your Wellness Coach will help you explore, identify and clarify your strengths, passion and purpose. And in line with your values, you will create a bold, palpable vision of yourself at your best.
When creating a vision the  focus is on what you want rather than what you don’t want. And as such you now have a clear direction of where you want to go.
By creating a vision you are taking the first step to live your life by design rather than by default. And as a result will positively impact your daily choices so you can live your best life.

b) Next we explore our “Why”… Why you want to achieve this Vision for Yourself

Our ‘why’ often reveals those things that are most important to us in life. They are often referred to as our Values, and everyone’s values will be different.
Our values are very strong motivators and will help keep us motivated to strive for our vision when things get tough.
When we live a life aligned to our values we are thriving and flourishing… and this means living a good life!

c) We explore the things that are stopping you from reaching your Vision

We live in such an information-rich culture that most of us know what healthy behaviours we would like to be incorporating into our lives.
The challenge however, is that we don’t actually know how to incorporate these into our busy lives long-term.
We all have been guilty of starting fitness programs or diets and then stopping them; starting meditation or yoga and then stopping.
In Wellness Coaching we explore and work through  the everyday obstacles or roadblocks that are stopping you from moving towards your best self.

d) And together Creating a Plan of Action, a Road- Map if you like, to Achieve your Vision

You can have this beautiful vision for yourself but it can be overwhelming and unattainable if you don’t create a road-map to get there.
In your Wellness Coaching Consultations we will help you create your road map to achieve your vision. Together we will help you break down your journey into small, manageable chunks and help you navigate those inevitable obstacles life puts in the way, so you can keep moving towards your best self.
In essence, we help you adopt lifestyle habits that will move you towards your vision. These daily habits will become your rituals which will help you create energy, vitality and wellness in every aspect of your life.
And your autonomy over this process will be paramount as it is the key to your success.
Our role is to be with you every step of the way. To encourage, support and believe in you. To help you build confidence, find your motivation and to work through your ‘road-blocks’. We will be there to help you ‘unpack’ all the stuff that’s getting in the way of you living your best life.

So the question is…

• Are you ready for change that is both long-term and sustainable?
• Are you ready to explore a life of vitality, purpose and passion?
• Are you ready to live your best life?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions then Book a Free 15 min phone consultation with us Now to see if we can help you.

This Free Phone Consultation is Obligation free. We do this to ensure that we can help you.
We know not everyone is ready for our Wellness Coaching and we only work with people who are ready and committed.
We will be totally open and honest with you and if we feel that this is not right for you just yet we will refer you to other practitioners who can help you.

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Wellness Coaching Structure

Our Private Wellness Coaching Sessions run from single Vision sessions, Group Coaching Programs,  as well as comprehensive 4 Weeks to 12 month Private Consultation programs…

The Platinum – 12 Month Program consists of 17 private wellness coaching consultations and are structured as follows:

First 4 Sessions:              Scheduled Weekly
Following 4 Sessions:    Scheduled Fortnightly
Following 9 Sessions:    Scheduled Monthly

Consultation length:      45-60 minute session

The Gold 12 Week Program consists of 8 private wellness coaching consultations and is structured as follows:

First 4 Sessions:              Scheduled Weekly
Following 4 Sessions:    Scheduled Fortnightly

Consultation length:      45-60 minute session

The Silver 4 week Program consists of 4 private wellness coaching consultations and is structured as follows:

First 4 Sessions:             Scheduled Weekly

Consultation length:     45-60 minute session

Follow-Up Single Sessions

This follow-up Wellness Coaching Session is designed for anyone who has completed either the Silver, Gold or Platinum Wellness programs.
The session will be guided by your needs and may focus on a re-visit and clarification of your vision, the obstacles that may have arisen along the way or working on setting achievable 3 monthly and weekly actionable goals so you can move forward..
The essence of these sessions will always be on where you want to go and will incorporate your strengths, purpose and passion.

Consultation length:    60 – 90 minute session

Vision Creation Private Consultation

Single Session designed to create your Wellness Vision of your Best self

This Vision Session is a powerful session and one of the most significant things you can do for yourself. In this session your Wellness Coach will help you explore, identify and clarify your strengths, passion and purpose. And in line with your values, you will create a bold, palpable vision of yourself at your best. This session focuses on what you want rather than what you don’t want. And as such you now have a clear direction of where you want to go. In this vision session you are taking the first step to live your life by design rather than by default. And as a result will positively impact your daily choices so you can live your best life.

Consultation length:    60- 90 minute session

Journey to Change Group Seminar Series

Series of 4 weekly Seminars
Session 1:    Making Change that Lasts
Session 2:   Overcoming Obstacles
Session 3:   Climbing Mt Lasting Change
Session 4:   The Way Forward – Staying on Track

Group Coaching “Busting Barriers” Program

The 6 session program provides an environment for the group members to look closely at what they would like to be different in their wellness and identifies what keeps stopping them.
We will take participants on a journey of discovery, aimed at helping them successfully achieve their goals with an individually tailored plan and the support of other group members.
This program is suitable for anyone who ever wanted to improve their quality of life

Series of 6 weekly Seminars
Session 1:    Lack of Motivation
Session 2:   Lack of Energy
Session 3:   Lack of Routine
Session 4:   Lack of Self Belief
Session 5:   Lack of Time
Session 6:   The Way Forward

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Wellness Coaching Clinic Hours

Mondays:                     3pm – 8pm
Thursdays:                    9.30am – 1.30pm
Fridays:                         8am -11am
Saturdays:                     8am – 2pm
Thursdays Evenings:    6.30pm-8pm Group Wellness Programs

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Meet Our Certified Wellness Coaches

Mary Petherick 

Mary has been the owner of Mammoth Health for the past 16 years and been in the health & wellness industry for over 18 years. Starting off in Education with a major in Physical Education and a Post Graduate Degree in Literacy she went back to university in 1999 to study a Bachelor of Science (Naturopathy). In the final year of her degree the opportunity arose to buy Mammoth Health where her journey began in health and wellness retail, health & wellness education, tertiary business studies as well as Health and Wellness Coaching certification.
Mary specialises in working with people who feel ‘stuck’. Those who are really struggling to believe in themselves and think the problem is lacking confidence. Usually what’s really going on is that they’ve been restricted for many years, living their life according to what was expected of them – doing what they should be doing and what needed to be done at the time without investing anything in themselves.
This has affected their energy and enthusiasm for life and they often feel they have let themselves down which has really eroded their confidence.
As a result they are not eating or exercising as they know they would like to because health is really important to them.
What they really desire is freedom… the freedom to travel; the freedom to make their own decisions; to spend money as they would like to spend it; to be their own, authentic self; to do meaningful work; to put themselves ‘out there’ and give what they are capable of giving.
The want do more in the world with purpose and passion. They want to be recognised and live a better quality of life… for the rest of their life.
Ultimately they want to be true to themselves and live in peace in accordance with their values.

Mary’s Availability
Mondays:       3pm – 7pm
Thursdays:     9.30am – 1.30pm
Fridays:          8am -11am









David Petherick

David has over ten years experience as a CEO and a further 10 years in senior management. He has delivered keynote presentations within Australia and all over the world in the area of resilience and supporting people to be their best.
David specialises in helping people who are already on their health and wellness journey but are stuck, overwhelmed, time-poor and not quite sure how to get to the next level. With his extensive experience and knowledge of executive demands and understanding of the pressures and restraints placed on executives, David looks forward to meeting you and the opportunity to hear about the challenges that confront you and work with you to discover how you might overcome them so you can live your best life

David’s Availability
Mondays:    6pm – 8pm
Saturays:     8am – 2pm

To work with David please call 0474 690 876 and book your Wellness Coaching Sessions

Difference between Wellness Coaching and Life Coaching

Wellness coaching focus broadly across all areas of physical and mental wellness, however understands the limitations of their expertise and can identify when to refer on to expert professionals if needed.
Life coaches tend to work with clients across all areas of their life where a client seeks improvement and change.
Wellness Coaching uses the principles of behaviour change to foster long-term sustainable change where Life Coaches tend not to, and Life Coaches are not necessarily trained in health and wellness disciplines.

Distinguish between Wellness Coaching and Therapy (eg counselling, psychology)

They are similar in the sense that both draw upon behaviour change and positive psychology theories and methodologies, however professionals conducting therapy sessions are trained in delving into the subconscious mind or profound past experiences to help resolve issues where coaches are not.
In Wellness Coaching the focus is on optimizing health and helping clients to flourish – to help them create a more positive future for themselves including helping them to develop in themselves resilience, confidence and clarify their life’s purpose.


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