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On the 2nd Day of Christmas

On the 2nd Day of Christmas…
Take time to feast, reflect & relax


A Time to Feast

The Christmas season is a traditional time for feasting and I believe it is very important to preserve and practise our cultural traditions with family and friends. Have you noticed that all major milestones, rituals and celebrations in our lives involve people special to us and food prepared with loving intention.
I am a great believer in food having its own energy and taking on the energy of those who prepare it. If a meal is prepared with love and care, then the food takes on that loving intention and we receive the benefits as we eat it.
I also think there is magic in a shared table – something that unfortunately in today’s hectic world tends to be reserved only for celebrations like Christmas and birthdays.
I hope you get a chance this season to share a leisurely, lovingly cooked meal with friends and family. I hope that you get an opportunity to take on the wonderful energy of those around you and of food that has been thoughtfully prepared. And that you are nourished on all levels – something that cannot be bought but is a most precious gift.

A Time to Reflect

2018 has been a very big year for many…relentless, busy, life-changing events, life-changing challenges, life-changing decisions. Many have had career changes, others have lost loved ones and still many are overwhelmed, overstretched and not quite living with the joy and peace they aspire to.
I find this time of year a great time for reflection… what our achievements were throughout the year and what stuff didn’t quite go to plan.
As you reflect, do you tend to focus on the positive or do you do you tend to dwell on what went wrong. Do you see the big picture or do you focus on the detail?
Getting things in perspective can help us to see how well our lives are going, as opposed to seeing only what is not working. It can also help us re-focus on what is really important to us… to
re-establish our values and make decisions to live our lives according to those values.
So now is the perfect time to let go of the past and get ready to start anew. Some may do this by making a gratitude list for 2018 and intention list for 2019. Others prefer to write down goals. Whichever works for you, the act of the written word allows us to focus on what we value, all that we have to be grateful for, what we would like to achieve, and who we want to be in 2019.
Intention is everything!

A Time to Relax

Hopefully you will also get an opportunity to relax… even if it just for a few days.
Taking time out to slow down, reflect or just do nothing is important for body, mind and spirit.
We all need time out to renew and replenish and rebalance.
And we all need a little time to daydream…
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