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What does Living with Great Health & Wellness Look Like for You?

Forget “Clean Living, forget “Super Foods” forget “Raw”, forget “Paleo”, forget “Declutter” and “Minimalism”…. “Wellness” and your “Wellbeing” is the new buzz “word” in town and unlike all the other fads that hit the headlines each year, I’m right behind the “Wellness Movement”.

I read in Sunday’s Body & Soul (Herald Sun, February 26th, 2017), that 3.5 million Australians are affected by diabetes. According to Greg Johnson (Diabetes Australia CEO), the growth in diagnosed, undiagnosed and pre-diabetic conditions is staggering… he uses the word “tsunami” to describe the massive increase in cases in recent years and the devastating result of this condition if left untreated on heart disease, organ damage, amputation and loss of sight and hearing.

The disconnect that puzzles me is that never before have we lived in a world with so much information and easy access to this information. Never before have we been more educated, more connected and more informed about health, fitness, nutrition and disease. Never before has there been more availability of good food, more awareness about exercise and stress management and such easy access in the form of apps to help us with these. Yet never before have we been more unhealthy, more overweight, more stressed and anxious and suffering with more incidences of depression, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Therein lies my dilemma.

So I am on a mission… For the past 3 years I’ve been doing a lot of research and formalised it in the past 12months with some formal study with a focus on wellness, you’re wellness. It’s not about telling you what to do, what to eat, what supplements to take how to exercise… it’s more about exploring with you what a healthy life, living with optimal wellness looks like for you. And just to be clear each persons’ vision of a healthy life is likely to be unique.

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To help me on this mission I’m offering 5 people a rare fifteen minute free one-on-one consultation with me to explore what wellness and living a healthy life looks like for you. During our 15 minute consultation we will dive in a little and explore why you want to make your particular journey to wellness and what might be stopping you from living that life of health, wellness and happiness.

If you would like to take up this exceptional offer, email me with your contact number so I can call you and arrange a time to chat. Be quick on this one… this free offer won’t last! (NB. These consultations can be done personally in our in-store Clinic or over the phone at your convenience)

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