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Liver Support is Critical Now

It’s inevitable… that this the time of year your liver will need extra support. It’s the time of year that we tend to over-indulge in alcohol and festive foods that we wouldn’t normally eat. It’s the season for festivity, feasting and celebrating with friends and family. With the recent Christmas eating and New Year’s Eve celebrations our liver is being assaulted with an added array of toxins (alcohol, rich, fatty foods and sugars). It’s on “detox overload” busy rendering the added toxic load harmless and safely excreting them from the body.

The problem is, that if we bombard our body with added toxins and we are deficient in the nutrients that help our body rid these toxins, then our detoxification processes will be compromised. This results in toxins being stored in our tissues or being pushed back into our bloodstream causing fatigue, weakened immune function, poor memory, foggy head, lowered mood, sensitivity to foods and damage to our cells

So at the start of this New Year, arm your body with the necessary nutrients to detoxify optimally so you can enjoy optimum health and vitality.

My Top Liver Herbs & Nutrients

St Mary’s Thistle is ‘tropho-restorative’ to the liver and reduces toxic load by supporting the liver to detoxify effectively and efficiently

Turmeric is a fantastic herb which balances the 3 stages of liver detoxification ensuring efficient and effective detoxification without unnecessary side-effects or ‘healing crisis’.
The active constituent in turmeric that has that amazing liver-protective and anti-inflammatory effect is ‘curcumin’ which can be a little difficult to absorb. So look for quality formulas and brands that ensure that the curcumin is in a “bio” or absorbable form.

Green Tea is a great herb to take whilst detoxing as it is a fantastic antioxidant ‘mopping up’ any free radicals before they cause damage. Antioxidants are central to successful detoxification as they help to reduce tissue damage and unpleasant symptoms.

Broccoli Sprouts: any herb from the brassiacea family works wonderfully on the 3 stages of liver detoxification, balancing them beautifully to prevent the production of free radicals

Zinc is a mineral well known for its ability to support gastro-intestinal health, as well as being important in detoxification processes. So it is very important that you have adequate zinc levels to successfully cleanse and detoxify. If in doubt ask for a zinc test in-store and look for zinc in the ‘carnosine’ form – this form specifically helps support the structure and function of your gastrointestinal tract.

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