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Lipoic Acid – a “Game Changer”

lipoicacidThere has been a lot of “buzz” lately around Lipoic acid and deservedly so.

Lipoic Acid Is A Unique Antioxidant And Free Radical Scavenger In That It Is Soluble In Both Fat And Water

Not only is it an antioxidant in its own right it also has an uncanny ability to ‘recycle’ and prolong the life of other antioxidants in the body including Vitamin’s C and E, coenzyme Q10 and glutathione therefore strengthening the body’s antioxidant network.

Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals in the body. These free radicals potentially lead to damage within our DNA. Lipoic acid has the ability to directly scavenge free radicals as well as regenerate other important antioxidants.

Lipoic Acid And Its Role In Heavy Metal Chelation

Lipoic acid also helps detoxify heavy metals and facilitate their removal from the body (heavy metal chelation). This process minimises the risk of cellular damage and is ideal for those with significant toxic metal or chemical exposure.

Lipoic acid is an essential nutrient for liver detoxification as it ‘mops up’ any free radicals that have been produced by an overactive phase 1 (we spoke at length about this at my recent workshop in-store on our ‘Secrets to Successful Detox’ day)

Lipoic Acid Protects Our Mitochondria

Lipoic acid plays an important antioxidant role in the protection of our mitochondria from damage and ageing and therefore becomes crucial for the maintenance of energy.
Mitochondria are organelles in the body that take in nutrients, break them down and make energy for the cell. They are often referred to as the “powerhouse” of the cell.

Lipoic acid has a unique ability to raise the mitochondrial energy-producing capabilities of a cell by reversing the age-associated decline in mitochondrial enzyme activities and thereby protects our mitochondria from ageing.
You will see great formulas which combine both lipoic acid and Coenyme Q10  to boost mitochondrial protection and function of optimal energy.

Lipoic Acid Reduces Insulin Resistance And Improves Glucose Metabolism

Interestingly, lipoic acid plays an important role as a necessary cofactor in converting carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy. It also plays a role in reducing insulin resistance, improving glucose metabolism and is involved in the transport of blood glucose into cells. Therefore lipoic acid helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels in healthy people.

Supplement With Lipoic Acid For Optimum Nutrient Status

If you have been exposed to heavy metals or chemicals; or you have lowered energy levels or
if you need to reduce your insulin resistance and improve your glucose metabolism or if you are simply interested in optimal health – living with optimum energy and vitality, consider supplementing with Alpha Lipoic Acid – it may well be a game changer!

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