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Life’s an Adventure!

Yesterday afternoon we farewelled our younger daughter Molly for an adventure she has been so looking forward to. She was accepted to be part of the crew on the Young Endeavour, sailing for ten days from Williamstown to Hobart. She had been counting the months, days and then hours and it has been nothing but pure excitement on her part. She had been feeling little fear or nervousness in her anticipation but just pure excitement for the challenge of the unknown. It was so great to see and hard not to get swept up in it all.
It got me thinking how, as adults, we sometimes lose this excitement for new challenges and experiences (and sometimes life). How often our fears and thoughts turn negative and consequently the new challenge or goal soon becomes unachievable or out of reach – so we give up. Negative thinking is actually a defence mechanism we employ to protect us from failing. It lowers our expectation of ourselves and so eases our embarrassment and soothes our pain .We sabotage our dreams and our goals because we fear failing in front of others (and ourselves). And so we go back to what we know, what is comfortable and never really realising our capabilities. Never really changing or becoming the person we dream to be.
Henry Thoreau once said “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Making a change in our life starts with our mindset. People who succeed in any given area are no different to us – we all have inherent talents and abilities. The difference with those that do succeed is that they have a mindset of “Yes I can” and then they work hard to achieve whatever they have set out to do. Like us they will incur obstacles and setbacks and also experience the same fears and frustrations we feel. But their positive thoughts and actions enable them to overcome these obstacles and negative emotions.
I think we can watch and learn from our kids – the way they embrace life to the full and with a sense of adventure. They have the ability to live in the moment, to have dreams and get excited about these dreams. It’s not to say they don’t feel nervous, or anxious or fearful. They just “feel the fear and do it anyway”.  And sometimes they fail.
But I think, as it is with all of us, it is the way they learn to deal with failure and think about failure that will determine how successful and happy they will be and how many of their dreams and goals they will realise.
Start living life’s adventure… because it’s not a rehearsal!

“Because it’s Not a Rehearsal”
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