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Let’s Get Excited About Winter

wintertreeSome people love the cooler months and embrace winter as it is their favorite time of year. Others, on the other hand, struggle with the idea of shorter daylight hours, colder temperatures, wet and windy days and bleak skies. I am one of those people.

I like to write about our ‘attitude’ to winter because it forces me to change my mindset and think of the good things about winter rather than focus on the negative things…because let’s face it, Winter is with us for the next 3 months so we might as well make the most of it and get busy living!

It’s hard not to notice that the temperature has plummeted and it is easy for many to become negative with their thinking about winter (i.e. it’s too cold and dark to exercise; it’s too cold to go out; I think I’ll just ‘veg’ on the couch & watch telly; or, I think I’ll just hibernate and eat comfort food until the warmer weather returns)

Being one of those people that dreaded winter I’m working on changing the way I think about it  and learning to embrace the season and appreciate the little things that only winter brings.

I love the winter rituals our family have established… the cooking of stock on the weekend and trying out new recipes.  Our famous “Soup, Bread & Red” nights that we enjoy with our family and friends, watching the footy at the MCG and donning the hiking boots for a brisk hike through the bush.

With a change in our mindset we can embrace the cooler months by taking time to nourish our bodies with seasonal, wholesome meals and nourish our connections with people by sharing these meals with those we love.

By deciding to make good choices with the food we eat and the exercise we do, we can stay healthy and vital during the cooler months.

What I’ve Grown To Love And Appreciate About Winter

  • Crisp winter days with crystal clear air
  • Walking along the beach – there’s a good chance you’ll have the beach to yourself
  • Open fires
  • Hot baths
  • Chai tea and hot cocoa
  • Warm woolly jumpers & beautiful coats
  • Scarves & gloves (Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!)
  • Steaming hot porridge cooked with almonds, sultanas, goji berries and a drizzle of honey.
  • Beautiful, old gnarly trees – the river walk is particularly beautiful this time of year – the structure of the bare-leafed trees – stripped of their summer coat of leaves and left to reveal their regal structure.
  • Watching the footy at the MCG with a thermos of steaming coffee and treats for half time (go cats!)
  • Taking time out for myself– snuggling up on a cold, windy winter’s day with an open fire and a good book (and perhaps a little nanna-nap!)
  • Full bodied reds and fortified wines
  • Winter broths and soups –nothing beats a home cooked thick soup with crunchy bread
  • Time to slow down and enjoy the moments
  • Slow-cooked seasonal foods – ragú, curries, lamb shanks & casseroles.

The long weekend is coming up – a perfect time to get busy in the kitchen and cook up a feast to share with family and friends.

As Billy Connelly says “there’s no such thing as bad weather, there’s just the wrong clothing” (although Billy adds a bit more color to his language)

Because it’s not a Rehearsal
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