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Introducing New Liposome Technology

waterkyotoHave you ever taken a supplement that has wreaked  havoc on your digestive system? Or tried to get your Vitamin D levels elevated, but no matter how long you take a D-supplement for, you just can’t seem to get them to optimal levels? Well liposomal technology may just be the solution for you.

Liposomes are a relatively new technology that delivers your vitamin supplement via the mouth (transmucosal absorption), thus by-passing the gut and substantially increasing absorption into the cells of your body.

One of the biggest advantages of liposomal delivery of supplements is the high bioavailability and  the high absorption uptake by the body compared with other forms of oral supplements, with 90% delivery rate compared to 20%.

The other huge advantage of liquid liposomes is their nano-encapsulation both protects the vitamin from the harsh environment of your gastro-intestinal tract and increases transmucosal (oral) uptake and absorption.

Liposomals are ideal for those who want to minimise gastrointestinal upset or where swallowing a tablet is not ideal or possible. Because they are in liquid form they allow for adjustable and incremental dosing for children and adults. They also compare well price wise to standard vitamin tablets as you only need to take a low dose for the same effect.

If you would like to hear more about the new Liposomal supplements and try some for yourself, Holly will chatting about them at our Secret Women’s Business this Thursday evening from 5.30-7pm. Drop in anytime and have a chat to Holly. While you’re here you can learn about creating your own nourishing skin oil from Georgia as well as sample some healthy refreshments. We will have our amazing Free show bags to give away.
(Please note that those booked into our Seminar at 7pm will automatically receive a free showbag) otherwise it’s the usual first-in, first-served.
We have designed our Free “ReBoot, ReCharge, ReFresh booklets for those who turn up on the night, brimming with useful information we know you’ll love.
And if you would like to stay for our very special presentation from 7pm-8pm by Kate, our Naturopath, please make sure you book your seat now as they are limited and we are very nearly booked out. Bookings can be made by calling us in-store on 5243 9084.

We are so looking forward to seeing you Thursday evening. For more information see below or feel free to give us a buzz and we’ll be able to answer your questions.

Announcing Mammoth Health’s 2016 Secret Women’s Business “ReBoot, ReCharge, Refresh” event is on In-Store, Thursday 27th October from 5.30pm-8pm

Join us for a fun & Informative Evening Sharing our Professional view and Practical tips on overcoming the health issues and challenges that face women living in today’s world.

7-8pm Presentation by Kate our consulting Naturopath

Kate will take you on a journey of practical steps you can take to improve your energy and mental outlook so that you can live a life of vitality and wellness. She will share with you strategies & tips on managing stress and mood; on keeping your hormones balanced, on maintaining healthy hair, skin & nails and on obtaining & maintaining an ideal weight.

This is a Free Information Seminar but bookings are Essential because seats are limited. To secure you spot pop in-store or call us on 5243 9084. Be quick, this seminar is filling quickly

5.30-7pm: The Ultimate Secret Women’s Business Experience

You are invited to join us in-store before the information seminar for the ultimate Secret Women’s Business Experience

  • Pick up your Free Show Bag on Arrival and Enjoy some time to yourself perusing our shelves and indulging in our healthy refreshments.
  • Holly will share with you the latest liposomal technology used in these emerging cutting-edge supplements.
  • Learn how you can nourish your skin with beautiful cold-pressed oils and pure essential oils. Georgia will share with you the trade secrets of what oils will have the biggest impact on your skin.
  • And you can take advantage of our very special offer for the night. Just spend $75 in-store and receive a beautiful Australian Bushflower Space Mist of your choice. The “Woman Mist” is one of our favourites as it is great to harmonise any emotional imbalances and allows a woman to feel good about herself, her own body and her beauty.

Because it’s Not a Rehearsal
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