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Today I would like to share with you the amazing story of Amy Smith, who has joined our team as a consulting Naturopath in the Mammoth Health Wellness Clinic.
Amy has amazing insight, expertise and passion for the healing powers of herbal and nutritional medicine. And many who have experienced her healing wisdom will attest to her very special gift.

When Amy was just nineteen-years-old she reached a pinnacle point in her life, where the normal functioning of her body drastically changed.

She was experiencing female reproductive issues as well as gut issues and noticed that some of the foods she had eaten her entire life, she could no longer tolerate.
She also suffered seasonal allergies and asthma.

Looking back, she realises now, she wasn’t really tested properly, and at the time things like gluten intolerance wasn’t widely understood. But eventually, after exhausting all avenues, she was diagnosed with food intolerances and food allergies.

However, diagnosis was where the help stopped. When general medicine couldn’t provide a solution to her symptoms, her sister recommended she see a Naturopath.

“I begrudgingly went along—but I’m so happy I did, as it not only changed my life, but also set it on a new trajectory.

Herbal medicine and nutritional advice turned my health around. And it also provided me with more support with my food intolerances… which improved the quality of my life. I learnt to work with my body by not only removing the trigger foods but also to heal and rebalance the integrity of my whole ‘gut’.
I felt I could now live a normal life again!”

When Amy was in her early twenties, like most adventurous and ambitious young adults, she travelled overseas for a few years. Experiencing independence and self-reliance whilst meeting and learning about other cultures has fostered her resilience, compassion and empathy for many different people and cultures. She knew when she returned home, she wanted to study Naturopathy, as it had impacted her life so much.

“I wanted to help others in the same way I was helped. I also wanted to go to work and love my job. Ultimately, I wanted to make a difference!”

A culmination of Amy’s Clinical experience, as well as her personal health experiences, has naturally led her to specialise in treating Allergy and Reactivity. With an emphasis on the link to stress, anxiety, gut health and acute & chronic immune conditions, Amy is helping many navigate the complex world of allergic disease and restore health, vitality and normality to their lives.

We feel so honoured and privileged to have Amy as part of our team.
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