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Healthy Trends for Weight Loss

transformationIn the past couple of years mention the word “Garcinia cambogia” or “Green Coffee Bean”, “high protein/low carb diets like Atkins or Paleo” and you’ll have anyone wanting to lose some weight come running… generally on the empty promise of a quick fix and a magic pill. High protein diets are a real concern for practitioners because you run the risk of producing high levels of metabolic waste that can potentially cause accelerated ageing and potential long term health problems (remember in the Paleolithic time the average age was around 33).

The amount of enquiries is always astounding whenever “magic pills” or “magic diets” are advertised in the media. It’s hard to believe anyone in this day and age, with access to so much information, can truly believe that taking a pill is the answer to their weight issue.

2015 Trends Are Focusing On Wellness And Not Just On Weight-Loss

Thank goodness the trends are changing and the focus is on wellness and not just weight-loss.While a focus on weight control is important, body fat levels are but one piece of the puzzle that makes up complete health and well-being. Weight loss programs that not only show you how to eat and exercise, but help you sleep better and deal with stress are more likely to get results. In addition, making lifestyle choices that reduce blood pressure and blood fats can not only boost heart health, but can also boost quality of life.

Whole Health Eating Focuses Not Just On Weight-Loss But On Healthier Lifestyles

The “Back to Basics” is the approach we take and the biggest trend for 2015 – getting away from highly processed foods and back into eating whole foods. Whole health eating focuses not just on weight loss but on healthier lifestyles. With emphasis on eating and enjoying seasonal foods sourced locally– we’ve finally embraced the notion of eating watermelon in the middle of a Victorian Winter just doesn’t seem right!
And my passion – Foods as Medicine (or functional foods) where we use foods for healing or specific health specific health issues; foods for anti-ageing or foods for nutritional therapy… so integral for overall health and weight loss.

After fourteen years of being in the health and wellness industry, I have heard the many issues and struggles of those who are desperate to lose weight. It is understandable to ‘buy into’ the promise for a quick fix when all else has seemingly failed.

Many have had weight issues for most of their life, and essentially tried every diet, every magic pill, everything, it would seem, to try and lose weight. Most stick with the new promise for a few weeks and then fall off the wagon and blame themselves – the guilt, the self-loathing, the feeling of helplessness and despair – and their self-fulfilling prophecy of failure is reinforced.

And every time a new magic weight-loss pill or diet is released the cycle continues. Back on the wagon, I suspect to convince others (but mostly themselves) that they are trying and are taking control.

But inevitably they don’t really believe it’ll work because it never has before. And it doesn’t.

Introducing Transformation 2015

At Mammoth Health we are also very frustrated about the misinformation out there mostly around the marketing of quick- fix weight-loss pills and programs, empty promises and yo-yo dieting.

And so it’s time to launch “Transformation 2015”, our six-week weight-loss program, whereby you will work one-on-one with Kate, our gorgeous naturopath.

Transformation 2015 is about teaching you the formula for successful fat burning and sustainable weight loss. Your dietary habits will be assessed and overhauled and Kate will design an individual eating guide every 2 weeks for you whilst you’re on the program. This means she’ll address your individual needs – your likes, dislikes, allergies, intolerances and aversions and optimise your diet so you get great results.

Fat burning, liver support, gut repair and lymphatics will be supported to get results fast. Iris Analysis and body measurements will be done throughout the program to track your progress and provide support and motivation that you’re on the right track.

Transformation 2015 is launched today and unfortunately the first intake is capped to ten people only (the first ten people to sign up will be in the first round).
The first session will be a group session and held in-store on Monday 13th April at 7pm. Which means bookings close for the program on Thursday 2nd April.

So if you are sick of being overweight, sick of the quick fix, magic pills and magic promises and the yo-yo dieting that just doesn’t work; And if you are committed and ready to make a change in 2015, this program is for you.
For more information about Transformation 2015 come in-store and have a chat to us.

“Because It’s Not A Rehearsal”
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