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Harvesting Your Own Herbs

mammothherbgardenPlants have been part of our lives and health since earliest time and many of us are yearning to re-learn and re-connect with some traditional herbal techniques and remedies. Making your own herbal medicines can be a very enjoyable and empowering experience. And growing your own herbs is very simple and rewarding.

General Guidelines For Harvesting Herbs

It is so simple and in-expensive to grow your own culinary and medicinal herbs. Different techniques apply for harvesting flowers, seeds, leaves, aerial parts, roots or bark.

The general guidelines are as follows:

a) harvest mid-morning
b) avoid harvesting on rainy days
c) keep tools sharp to prevent bruising
d) be aware of contaminants (weeds, insects, dirt, pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilisers)
e) most perennials need ‘post-harvest’ management to ensure growth of the next crop
f) harvest into a spacious cloth bag
g) never harvest more than you can handle
h) keep harvested out of sun and heat
i) generally only one species in any given genus is medicinal
j) be aware that the medicinal action of the herb is usually found in one part of the plant (eg chamomile flowers)

Herbal Manufacturing is a subject studied by all Naturopathic students as part of their degree, and generally speaking it is one of our favourites!

Kitchen Pharmacy At Mammoth Health

Our Kitchen Pharmacy Day will show you how to manufacture simple herbal preparations that you can use on yourself and your family for common everyday complaints. All preparations are plant based which you can source from your own garden or from in-store. We’ve tried to keep the recipes simple and easy to understand. We’ve also included some general guidelines and other interesting information about the herbs you are using – how they work, the best part to use (therapeutically active part) and the herb best suited to each condition.

You Are Invited To Our Kitchen Pharmacy
Free In-Store Day
Saturday 5th April 9am-1pm

By learning some basic old traditional techniques about herbal medicine you can take control of your health and the health of your family with confidence.  You can be assured on what’s actually in your remedies and you are reawakening forgotten wisdom and learning about the power of natural remedies.

Click Here to see what we’ve planned for the day… and it’s all Free! So looking forward to seeing you there.

“Because It’s Not A Rehearsal”
Live Better

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