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Feeling Bloated?

leafygreensDo you often feel bloated after meals, or suffer from flatulence, belching or indigestion?

Bloating is a sign that your digestion is not working optimally and as a result the food you are eating is not properly broken down, causing the fermentation of foods, flatulence, heaviness after eating, constipation and belching.

Often these symptoms follow an onslaught of eating rich food and regular drinking of alcohol, and is a common complaint, especially this time of year after the festive season.

But now’s the time to get it under control, remove the ‘trigger’ foods and heal the gut.

Action Plan

  1. Remove trigger foods from your diet
    These include high fat, high sugar, festive foods, alcohol, caffeine, refined wheat (white bread and pasta) soft drinks and commercial juices
  2. Include more bitter foods in your diet
    Bitter greens such as radicchio, rocket, and endive can easily be added to salads. The bitter taste on your tongue triggers the vagus nerve in your brain to signal your digestive system to release digestive enzymes ( the body’s pretty amazing don’t you think!)
  3. Supplement with digestive enzymes until your body is adequately producing its own
  4. Take a probiotic daily to help maintain a healthy flora balance for a healthy gastrointestinal tract and immune system
  5. Soothe, nourish and heal your gut lining with glutamine, aloe vera and zinc

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