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Exam Pressure Relief

Have you got a son or daughter about to sit exams?

This time of year can be a very stressful time for families who have a child studying for VCE or university exams. Often as a parent we can feel quite helpless in the sense that we don’t quite know how to best support our kids so they are able to do their level best. I certainly understand a parent’s struggle with this as I have also had a daughter go through this. Coupled the fact that two of our staff (Michelle & Emma) who will be sitting their Naturopathic exams as well, we thought we’d share some tips with you.

Our kids are all very different (even siblings), in the way they react under the extra pressure of exams. Some will retreat into themselves, some will display bursts of emotion and still others may socialise more than they should to escape the pressure. At times it can be like we are ‘walking on egg shells’ and we’re just hanging in there until the whole thing is over with.

But there are things we can do to help our kids manage the extra pressure of long hours studying and nerves on exam days.

1.  Ensure we provide healthy meals with loads of vegetables and good quality protein (esp. fish) to boost brain power and immunity.

2.  Have healthy snacks available to nibble on whilst studying for long hours (nibble and trail mixes with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit)

3.  Essential oils to burn – basil, rosemary and lavender are my favourite “study blend” as these oils promote focus, concentration, memory and relaxation. (we want to create a relaxed state so our kids can better learn and retain information)

vitaminb4. A good quality vitamin B complex to take daily because when we are under a lot of pressure and stress our body’s requirement for B-group vitamins is increased.

5.  A good Brain-Power Tonic. Gingko, Brahmi and Phosphatidydl-Serine (PS) are an amazing combination to boost brain activity. Gingko will get the oxygen to the brain, whilst Brahmi will feed and nurture the brain whilst relaxing the nervous system so you can retain the information you are learning.  This powerful herb is a “must-have” because it is very difficult to remember what you’ve learnt in a state of anxiety. PhosphtidylSerine  is an amazing nutrient which feeds your brain cells thus strengthening memory, increasing mental acuity and intensifying concentration. It also helps with elevating mood.

6.  Fish Oils contain substances called EPA & DHA which are essential nutrients for the brain to focus and concentrate. Often when we are lacking DHA we find it difficult to sit still and concentrate, learn and retain information.

7. Rescue Remedy is a “must have” especially on exam day. Just a couple of sprays on the tongue will instantly calm nerves so your child can perform their best in the exam. (when I was sitting exams I used to also pop a couple of drops each of rosemary, basil and lavender essential oils on a tissue that I kept with me throughout the exam – the oils would help stimulate my memory and keep me calm).

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