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Embracing Food… How to Eat Your Way to Good Health

Today I would like to share with you the amazing story of Anna Werner, who has joined our team as a consulting Naturopath in the Mammoth Health Wellness Clinic.
Anna has amazing insight and passion for the simple healing powers of food.
And many who have experienced her healing wisdom will attest to her very special gift.

‘I grew up in an environment where my parents grew fruit and veggies in our backyard. We lived on a 2-acre farm on the outskirts of Geelong and as children we grew up knowing where our food came from.
This created a great positive connection with food. We ate seasonally and we shared our meals as a family around the kitchen table.
I feel like this began my love and appreciation for eating communally and preparing and sharing the food that we grew.
My mum let me in the kitchen at a young age, and I loved helping to create our family dinners.’

 Through her teenage years, Anna gained an appreciation for Naturopathy after repeated bouts of bronchitis where conventional medicine fell short in resolving her condition.

‘A local Naturopath gave me really simple diet and lifestyle advice, along with a herbal treatment and it quickly cleared all symptoms.’

 Anna’s upbringing, as well as her personal health experiences, has naturally led her to appreciate and focus heavily on where our food comes from, what we eat and arguably more importantly, eating together in a relaxed way at a shared table. She believes these are the key secrets to using Food as Medicine.

As I chat to Anna about the approaching Festive Season, we discuss how we can embrace the festivities without over-indulging and suffering the inevitable consequences.

Anna points out that the feeling of a lack of control around festive food and alcohol is what can create stress and angst. Couple this with the added stress and overwhelm of the Season itself, it is pertinent to prepare now.
It is possible to enjoy Christmas guilt and angst free and embrace the Season with joy.

It’s all about making good food choices, Anna explains, and she uses an amazing tool to show you exactly how.
Foods affect us all differently and so what is right for some may have a negative impact on others.
The important thing to establish first, according to Anna, is to know exactly what foods you are eating now and how these are impacting your health.

As a part of her professional consultation with patients, Anna uses an in-depth dietary analysis application that breaks down the foods you are currently eating. By recording just one to three days of your food intake she can show you in a highly visual graph-ratio form the amount of macronutrients you are eating along with all the essential nutrients and trace minerals you are obtaining from those foods.
From this analysis, Anna identifies foods that may be contributing to any health symptoms (including any food cravings and addictions), and she also identifies any excess or deficiencies in your current diet.

‘It creates a baseline for dietary advice in order to help us develop healthy changes that align with our health issues and our health priorities and goals.
I use this tool to help my patients obtain a greater understanding of how the foods they are eating now may be impacting their health and exacerbating their symptoms.
It is very powerful as we can then create and implement, often simple, changes in their diet that can have a far-reaching positive impact on physical health, mental health and emotional health.’

Once Anna has analysed your current food intake and designed an optimal eating plan for you, in future appointments in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year, she arms you with awareness, tips, tricks and food swaps.

We work together to help you avoid the bloated, uncomfortable, heavy, and not to mention guilty feeling, that is so common around this time of year and help you minimise the tendency to overindulge. We help stimulate digestive activity to help normalise gut activity, correct appetite, improve nutrient absorption and enhance elimination of toxins.

The wonderful thing about a full dietary analysis is that not only can we see and pinpoint where dietary improvements and changes can be made, but it makes it easier to see progression in terms of food choices and nutrient levels over future appointments.

With Christmas parties, Boxing Day left-overs, and New Years’ celebrations around the corner, now is the time that we can work together to help you feel confident in creating better food choices when faced with temptations.

Book Your Professional Consultation with Anna

If you would like to work with Anna and need some Practitioner help with your diet and food choices and know that what you are eating now is negatively impacting your health, it is time to book a professional consultation with her.
By working on your individual health needs, Anna experiences great success in addressing underlying causes and achieving optimal health and vitality for her patients. Book your Consultation Now

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