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Don’t Forget Secret Women’s Business 2014

Don’t Forget…

Mammoth Health’s Secret Women’s Business
“Turn Back The Clock”
Saturday 15th November In-Store From 9am-2pm

activatingnutsWe are so excited and busy preparing for our Annual Secret Women’s Business tomorrow from 9am-2pm.
As we speak, Melissa our in-store Naturopath, is busy preparing delicious ‘anti-ageing’, sugar-free delights for you to taste – all with amazing ingredients and not a scrap of sugar in sight – you won’t believe it when you taste them. The ‘pic’ is of her activating nuts for the recipes – ask her how simple it is and how nutritious they are. There will be a free recipe book in-store tomorrow for you to take home to make these delights yourself.

Be early for the Free Iridology and Body Composition Consultations. From past experience they are very popular because they reveal so much about your state of health and empower you to make positive changes…

Our showbags this year are jam-packed with amazing goodies (remember first 50 in will receive a showbag!) and for those who need a bit of pampering in this stressful season we will have free mini massages (from 9am-11am) and free make-up consultations

Hope you can join us… this is a taste of what we’ve planned and it’s all FREE.

You Are Invited To Our Annual

Secret Women’s Business
“Turn Back The Clock”
Saturday 15th November 9am-2pm

Mammoth Health’s SECRET WOMEN’S BUSINESS GALA DAY is a FREE In-Store day where we reveal our ‘Turn Back the Clock’ anti-ageing secrets.
It’s all about looking great and feeling great, having boundless energy and vitality
at any age.”
Lots of pampering will be happening in-store all day. This is a taste of what we’ve planned and it’s all FREE:


We all know the ageing effects of eating too much sugar. Have you ever come in-store, browsed our shelves and wondered what some of the products taste like. Well here’s your chance to discover and taste the New-Age Sugar-Free Delights now available. They are high antioxidant foods that have naturally occurring therapeutic benefits. Anyone interested in anti-ageing and optimum health will be fascinated by what’s available and how it benefits the body. Come in and sample Melissa’s delicious sugar-free super food delights. And pick up your recipe booklet at the door on arrival.


Michelle specialises in iridology and is generously offering FREE Iris Analysis Consultations. This is strictly a “first in, first served” opportunity. Iridologists see the eyes as “windows” into the body’s state of health. They examine the patterns and markings of the iris which then act as a tool to help identify a person’s susceptibility to certain illnesses, reflect past medical problems or predict future potential health issues. Come in a find out what your eyes are revealing about your state of health.


A normal balance of body fat to lean body mass is associated with good health and longevity. David, a qualified physical education consultant will provide Free Body Composition Tests on the Day. This simple but very revealing test takes about 5 minutes and will show not only your body fat and lean muscle percentage but also how hydrated your body is. It will reveal your ideal daily kilo joule intake and serves as an amazing assessment tool for your current state of health. This is strictly a “first in first served” opportunity so come in early and make sure you don’t miss out.

•FREE Chemical Free Make-Up Consultations

Many of our personal care & make-up products, in fact almost anything with a synthetic fragrance, contain metabolic and hormone disrupting phthalates. Your blood level of these compounds will rise with the number of products you are using. Brooke will work with you and your skin type, tone and shade and show you a quality, chemical free make-up and body tan you can safely use so that you are not only looking fantastic but also reducing your chemical exposure thus reducing your risk of hormonal health issues


Jacqui is a professional Remedial Massage Therapist and will be generously sharing her expertise and skill to help alleviate any niggles and pain you may have. Jacqui will be available from 9am-11am – her therapeutic touch will have you
feeling like a new woman.


We are so excited about our show-bags. They are choc-filled with goodies that all women will love and appreciate. The first 50 customers will receive a FREE Show-Bag


We have an amazing door prize of a full body therapeutic massage. Make sure you fill in the entry form for a chance to win this beautiful nurturing prize.
Exclusive Offer for our CLUB MEMBERS. Just Spend $75.00 in-store on the day and receive a beautiful Tisserand therapeutic Essential Oil.
Don’t forget to show your Membership Card

Because It’s Not A Rehearsal
Live Better

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