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Don’t Forget our Kitchen Pharmacy Day

mammothgingertoffeesI’ve just made up a batch of ginger toffees for you to try tomorrow at our Kitchen Pharmacy day. Ginger is great to calm motion sickness and nausea. It is also great for circulation, inflammatory pain and indigestion. A bit of a warning though – I decocted this lot of ginger for longer than usual so ginger fans will love this batch.

Looking forward to catching up in-store tomorrow

You Are Invited To Our Kitchen Pharmacy
Free In-Store Day
Saturday 5th April 9am-1pm

Mammoth Health’s Kitchen Pharmacy Day will show you how to manufacture simple herbal preparations that you can use on yourself and your family for common everyday complaints.
Making your own herbal medicines can be a very enjoyable and empowering experience.  By bringing herbs back into your everyday life you are reawakening forgotten wisdom and learning about the power of natural remedies.This is what we planned for the day and it’s all Free…

Workshop 1 at 9:15am : Tinctures

▪Learn what a tincture is
▪Learn how to prepare a tincture
▪Learn about sedative herbs and how they can help with sleeping problems.
▪Learn how to make a “Sweet Dream Tincture”

Workshop 2 At 11:15am : Cough Syrup

▪Learn about immune-boosting herbs
▪Learn how to make an elderberry cough syrup

Carly has designed beautiful ‘Healing Herbal Kits to teach you how to make your very own herbal remedies at home.  By learning about the herbs in the kits, how to make the preparations and the effects that each herb has on your body you may be inspired to continue this journey, making herbal medicine a part of your everyday lifestyle and passing this special knowledge along to others.

Lozenges And Pastilles Workshop At 9:45am

With the cooler weather approaching learn how to make soothing pastilles and lozenges to ease a sore throat, calm motion sickness and nausea.

Infusions And Decoctions Workshop At 10:15am

Learn which herbs to infuse and which are best decocted. We will demonstrate the two methods and then teach you the specific herbs we use in therapeutic teas, baths and washes.
We’ll show you how to make a Calendula a Chamomile eyewash to treat eye infections or experiment with a herbal tea blend.

Infused Oils Workshop At 11:45am

Infused oils are medicinal oils made by ‘macerating’ or ‘digesting’ specific herbs in oil. They are useful to treat skin conditions on their own or blended into creams and ointments.
This workshop will teach you to steps to make a medicinal oil and explain the best herbs to infuse.

Creams & Ointments Workshop At 12.30pm

We use creams & ointments to treat wounds, sprains, bruises, burns, bites, skins as well as eczema and dermatitis.
Come and learn how to make a medicinal cream and which herbs we use to treat different conditions.

 Mammoth Health Club Member Bonus

For all our club members Spend $75.00 or more in-store on the day and receive a FREE beautiful Essential Oil to get you started in your own Kitchen Pharmacy


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