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Diets Don’t Work! So What Does?

If you have followed me long enough you will know I’m not a big believer of diets (unless of course you have a diagnosed condition such as coeliac disease or fructose malabsorption etc).
Diets set us up to fail because they are not sustainable over a life time. Removing foods forever is a big ask and very difficult for the mindset. I can’t imagine to be told to never again indulge in chocolate or freshly baked sourdough bread or a magnificent pasta dish.
Whilst our intentions, motivation, goals and willpower may be strong when we first start a diet, research shows that this is often short-term as will-power is finite. In other words we only have so much willpower and once it is spent it’s gone. And as it wanes and temptation sets in, and we eat something that is strictly prohibited on the diet, the roller coaster of guilty emotions resurface as we feel like a failure again.
Our self-talk becomes negative as we tell ourselves ‘we are hopeless’, ‘we’ve failed again’, ‘we’ll never lose weight’, ‘we’ll never succeed’.

The time to manipulate the diet is when we are in crisis… and it should be short-term. Not forever!

Examples of crisis situations are when we are overweight, insulin resistant, or been diagnosed with conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc.
Generally speaking (and not in all cases) our food and lifestyle are big contributors to these conditions. And thus manipulating our diets with say a low refined-carb diet can drastically improve our health and wellbeing and our prognosis.

And once we have reached a healthy weight, or are no longer insulin resistant or considered diabetic it’s time to embrace a cultural diet such as the Mediterranean diet which is full of a variety of whole foods and flavours to enjoy daily. Feelings of deprivation vanish as we nourish ourselves on all levels with delicious food.

Time to Re-Set

The other time I like to manipulate a diet is after a period of indulgence or complacency. Your body will let you know when it is time to do a reset!
Personally I like to do this twice a year for a period of 4 weeks. Once at the start of Spring after a long Winter where we typically eat very heavy, warming and often comfort foods.
And the other time is in mid-late January after a couple of months of extended feasting and celebrating. Festive foods are loaded with sugar, salt and unhealthy fats and they are very addictive. I think we are ‘hard-wired’ to seek out these foods. And as we all well know, once we start eating them it becomes very difficult to moderate the amount we eat.

And so when we purposefully design our diet and lifestyle to re-set, we are in effect removing all the unhealthy triggers so the body relearns to seek out healthy options which will result in you thriving.
And once you experience amazing vitality and energy I can guarantee you will not want to go back to just getting by.

I will talk more next week about how we re-set this time of year but if you are ready NOW to get Back on Track for 2019, pop in-store where our beautiful, expert team will teach you how to get started.
Or if you have a really keen, take some time out,  make yourself a cup of beautiful herbal tea and listen to my “Top 3 Secrets of Successful Cleansing and Detoxing”. I videoed this back in Spring but it is perfect to Get Back on Track Now.

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