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Developing Grit to Live Your Best Life

When you are thinking about making lifestyle changes for better wellness there are a couple of critical things you need in your toolbox to give yourself the best chance of succeeding:

  1. 1. A personal, meaningful vision for better wellness, and
  2. 2. Grit.

In thinking about your vision for your best self and your journey to better wellness it is important to remember that:

  • it is not about trying to do things perfectly, or
  • following some rigid set of rules, or
  • abiding by someone else’s standards.

It is also not about listening to gurus who tell you what to do and how to do it.

Rather it involves thinking about and clarifying your values, your own vision for what a better life for you looks like, and then taking steps, no matter how small, towards that vision.

Why is a personal, meaningful vision important?

Your vision is about your destination – where you want to ultimately get to with your wellness.  If you don’t have your destination in mind when you start your journey then you risk focussing solely on short term goals and outcomes – the risk then is that little setbacks and obstacles can easily lead to giving up.

Your vision is your compass – it might take you some time to tinker with it to get it right – but it will guide you on your long and winding journey to where you want to be. With a compass obstacles and setbacks are just detours on the way to your destination.

What about Grit?

Grit and resilience are important tools because it is inevitable that you will meet obstacles and have setbacks on your journey to better wellness. When you encounter these barriers, it is critically important that you are able to persevere rather than quit feeling like a failure. Angela Duckworth (Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance) says that “Even more than the effort a gritty person puts in on a single day, what matters is that they wake up the next day, and the next, ready to get on that treadmill and keep going”.

Duckworth, a Professor of Psychology, has studied highly successful people and found that they have what she calls ‘ferocious determination’ – and that this determination comes from two things;

  1. They have a high level of perseverance, and
  2. They have a very clear view of what their passion [vision] is.

And it is this combination of passion and perseverance that she calls grit.

In this context having weekly goals and three monthly goals are important signposts for your journey, they can help you to identify and celebrate small successes on the way to your destination – but it is your vision statement – your clear, well-defined reason for wanting to make the lifestyle changes you have identified – that will provide your compass and the grit you need to keep going when things get tough.

Instead of seeing our setbacks as failures we should see them as opportunities to learn and grow. After all this is how science works – experiments fail but scientists just see this a learning experience so the next experiment will be better. Failure is not a destination – it is part of the journey.

The great scientist Richard Feynman called science ‘A satisfactory philosophy of ignorance’. What he meant by that is that uncertainty, experimentation and failure are all a part of the journey to discovery. If you look at your journey to better wellness this way then you are much more likely to have the perseverance, the grit, you are going to need to eventually get to your destination.

Are You Ready to Start your Journey to Better Wellness?

Are Ready to…

● envision your Best Self & Living your Best Life
● explore what’s important to you in life
● focus on your strengths to enable you to Live your Best Life
● learn how to make long-term, sustainable change
● live a more Intentional & Meaningful Life
● learn how to develop grit and identify your passion & purpose in life

…well this is the Seminar Series for You.

Designed to run over four sessions, this seminar series will take you through what is needed to create successful change in lifestyle habits – some of which may have been preventing you from achieving your goals and living your best life.

Event: “Journey to Change” Seminar Series
Where: Mammoth Health
Time: 7pm-8pm
Cost: $158 for 4 weekly seminars (or $45 per session – subject to availability)
Thursday May 11th 7-8pm: Session 1 – Making Change that Lasts
Thursday May 25th 7-8pm: Session 2 – Overcoming Obstacles
Thursday June 1st   7-8pm: Session 3 – Climbing Mt. Lasting Change
Thursday June 8th  7-8pm: Session 4 – The Way Forward – Staying on Track

Register: Call 5243 9084 or email [email protected]
Limited Seats: There are limited group sizes for these seminar series, first in-first served.

This seminar series is for you if you are ‘stuck’ and you know you need to make some changes but don’t quite know how or what’s stopping you from making those changes! ‘Journey to Change’ will take you through what is needed to create successful change in lifestyle habits – some of which may have been preventing your from achieving your goals and Living Your Best Life.

Because it’s Not a Rehearsal
Live Better


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