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Are you Determined to Change Your Life?

Are you Determined to Change Your Life?

Well Jamie was… and this is his incredible story.

At the end of April this year, Jamie returned from Bali and decided he was ready to make a change in his life and lose weight. Jamie is 58 years old and his beautiful 3 year old granddaughter was his inspiration to become fitter and lighter.

Jamie and some of his work mates already had a regular weekly training session with Natalie Mensch from My Fitness Boutique but with his new goal, and with Natalie’s training expertise and encouragement, Jamie now exercises daily (2 sessions a week with Natalie and the rest on his own down on the beautiful Surf Coast).

Five weeks ago Jamie hit a bit of a plateau with his progress and Natalie suggested our Vitality Challenge to highlight the importance of a better diet and to give his liver a break and some support whilst detoxing.
Whilst on the detox, Jamie eliminated his 5 cups of coffee a day habit, he cut out the 4-5 serves of red meat he was eating each week and also gave up his daily beer.
From past experience Jamie knows he has a tendency to “jump off” things and go back to old habits but he found this time around because everything was written down for him, it was easy to stay on the program.
He focused on eating quality vegetables, fruit and chicken and fish. And he got himself organised by preparing his breakfasts and lunches the night before.

Although the Vitality Challenge is not a weight loss challenge as such, most participants do lose some weight as a lovely side-effect of eating well and reducing the body’s toxic load.
Jamie lost 8 kgs in 5 weeks.
This brings his total weight loss since late April to a massive 19kg, a brilliant effort by anyone’s standards.

Now that Jamie has finished the Vitality Challenge he is feeling fantastic and one of the biggest areas of improvement is his sleep. He doesn’t want to go back to the way he was eating before the Challenge, so he now enjoys only 1 small cup of coffee a day, has reduced his red meat intake to once a week and can notice immediately if he has indulged in too much junk food or alcohol. He embraces his healthy meals and believes organisation is the key.

Jamie still hasn’t reached his goal weight yet – which is to get down to his old footy playing weight.
He aims to do this in the next 8 weeks and I have no doubt that with Natalie’s support and encouragement, his new

knowledge of a good diet, and his motivation and commitment in making positive change that he will have no problems achieving it.

If you, like Jamie, are ready to change your life… come in and talk to the team on how the Vitality Challenge can work for you. And a bonus this year. Every person on the Vitality Challenge this year will enjoy a FREE 14 day shape up for unlimited group classes during September and October with Natalie Mensch from My Fitness Boutique. Be Quick, class sizes are limited.

Vitality Detox Challenge 2017 – Are You Up for It?
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