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Christmas Invitation

Wow What a year it has been!
For many of you, it has been a year of turmoil, stress, disappointment and grief. For some, a year of success, happiness, joy and contentment.
Of course for most of us it’s a been a mixture of these as we plod through each day just trying to do our best.
No matter how your year has unfolded, at this time, I love to bring the Mammoth family together just for a short period to pause, reconnect and celebrate the year in all its success & failings.
And so our Annual In-store Christmas Celebration is this coming Thursday evening.

We would love to see you, maybe over a sip of bubbles… and join our Roll the Dice Fun


A Very Special Invitation for a Very Special Person

You are invited to our Exclusive Mammoth Health Christmas Shopping Event
where with every purchase you get to “Roll the Dice”

Thursday 13th December from 5pm to 6.30pm

Roll a 1 = get 10% off your purchase
Roll a 2 = get 12% off your purchase
Roll a 3 = get 14% off your purchase
Roll a 4 = get 16% off your purchase
Roll a 5 = get 18% off your purchase
Roll a 6 = get 20% off your purchase

Come and join us for some Christmas fun

This is an Exclusive Christmas Shopping event for Mammoth Health Club Members to catch up, celebrate and for us to thank you for your support throughout the year. It is a beautiful opportunity to do your Christmas shopping in a relaxed & festive way and also to also roll the dice to and grab a bargain!

We’re celebrating with…

Champagne on Arrival

A gift bag to keep you healthy over the Festive Season

Nibbles while you shop

“Roll the Dice” fun… with every purchase you can Roll the Dice and get a discount off your purchase

(*Roll the Dice discount excludes practitioner products, services & gift vouchers)

We are living in a culture that worships ‘techno’. But the more “techno glitzy” our society becomes the more we’ll crave our traditional culture. There is a social yearning for connectedness. Fundamentally we are still people – we have a soul, we have deep roots and we need emotional connection. We are coming out of the “Information Economy” into the “Regenerative Economy” – an age where hope, encouragement and empowerment are encouraged… for those who don’t know, this is normal…Our mission is to bring back that ‘normalcy’

Because it’s Not a Rehearsal
Live Better

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