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On the 1st Day of Christmas… Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas

December 17, 2019

We wish you and your family a very Happy and Joyous Christmas and we’d like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks for your support and let you know that each one of you makes a difference to us. It is such a privilege and pleasure to be able to work, on a daily basis, with people like you. It makes our work so much more enjoyable, empowering and rewarding. Hopefully you will get an opportunity to relax this festive season with your family and friends… even if it just....

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On the 10th Day of Christmas… Mind your Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

December 13, 2019

It’s all too easy to get so caught up in living our fast-paced lives that we forget about having a life. Between work, family and friends, we tend to give and give of ourselves leaving very little time to re-charge our own mental and emotional wellbeing – especially now in the Festive Season. Living life at a bullet pace can leave us worn out and this can have implications on our health. If we don’t leave enough time in each week to do something that we thoroughly enjoy, not because ....

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Bring the Outdoors Indoor!

October 16, 2019

Spring has definitely sprung and with the promise of warmer weather on the way, we are often ready to not only spring clean our bodies but also spring-clean our homes. The World health Organisation declared that the air quality inside our homes can actually be worse than the external pollution in our environment due to the off-gassing of carpets and soft furnishings and the compounding effects of the chemical cleaners and artificial air fresheners we use. One of the simplest ways to improv....

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4 Quick Way to Beat the Winter Blues

July 24, 2019

    The “Winter Blues”, also known as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is caused by lack of sunlight. In Australia we are not subjected to the reduced daylight hours that some of our northern hemisphere friends are, but many Australians still experience lowered mood, energy and vitality during our Winter months. If reduced sunlight affects you in winter, incorporate the following tips to stay vital and happy. 1.Eat Foods To Boost Your Mood Foods rich in tryptophan ....

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Will you thrive this Winter?

May 28, 2019

Only four more sleeps and we Welcome Winter! We have certainly experienced an artic blast this week, and for many the dark mornings and evenings, cold and often rainy and blustery days are not something to look forward to. But on the bright side… tis the season of open fires, scarves, hats & gloves, slow-cooked casseroles, curries and warming soups & stews. It’s time to embrace the cooler months by taking time to nourish our bodies with seasonal, wholesome meals and nourish our....

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How to Prepare for Great Winter Health

March 26, 2019

Autumn is finally upon us and our good friend Kirsten, from Casuarina Farm, describes Autumn as a ‘season of change and letting go. Many trees let their leaves fall understanding and embracing the notion that a time of rest is approaching. As full bloom has passed, it is now a wonderful time to nurture and support your body in preparation for Winter’. Being biodynamic farmers Kirsten and Adrian really understand the cycles of nature as their whole philosophy is working with our beautiful ea....

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Diets Don’t Work! So What Does?

January 8, 2019

If you have followed me long enough you will know I’m not a big believer of diets (unless of course you have a diagnosed condition such as coeliac disease or fructose malabsorption etc). Diets set us up to fail because they are not sustainable over a life time. Removing foods forever is a big ask and very difficult for the mindset. I can’t imagine to be told to never again indulge in chocolate or freshly baked sourdough bread or a magnificent pasta dish. Whilst our intentions, motivation, ....

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On the 10th Day of Christmas

December 15, 2018

On the 10th Day of Christmas… Make the Christmas Pudding One way to bring joy and festivity to the Christmas season is to re-focus on social and family connectedness. It’s a fantastic opportunity to slow down a little, and take time out for our traditional family rituals – those too precious to miss. Christmas for me is a great reminder of what is really important in life. For many years in my family I have cooked the Christmas pudding – and I particularly love this ritual. I do ....

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On the 12th Day of Christmas

December 13, 2018

Welcome to our 12 Days of Xmas “Festive Season Survive and Thrive” campaign. Back by popular demand, each day we’ll shoot through a quick and simple tip you can easily embrace that will have you not only surviving but thriving this Festive Season. And to kick off the Festive Season we are Celebrating in-store this evening with our Annual Christmas Event. This year we’ve planned lots of fun with nibbles and bubbles as you shop and our “Roll the Dice” with every purchase… looking ....

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Stay Energised this Festive Season

December 4, 2018

The Silly Season can often mean added stress and pressure - especially when many of us have lots of extra social obligations, work pressures, Christmas preparations, late nights and often an increase in festive food and alcohol consumption. So it is really important to mind our energy levels. If your energy levels are suffering this Festive season consider supplementing with the following. Vitamin B Complex When we are under pressure and stress our requirement for the B-group vitamins (as ....

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Free Giveaway

September 25, 2018

  Today is give away day where we have a free ebook especially for you, a valued member of our Mammoth tribe. The Mammoth Health Naturopaths have put together a free ebook on the Secrets to Successful Detoxing. You can download your copy here. I also thought we’d change it up today and instead of writing I thought it would be fun to have a chat to you about the concept of resetting our bodies so we can move forward in a healthy way. So take some time to stop & relax, grab ....

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Are You on Toxin-Overload?

September 11, 2018

Every day we are exposed to an array of toxins through the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the chemicals we put on our skin.  This culmination of toxins places a lot of pressure on our bodies to render them harmless and excrete them from our body. Diets high in sugar, fatty foods, processed & junk foods, and chemically-laden foods also place a heavy burden on our detoxifying organs. If we continue to bombard our body with toxins and if we continue to be deficie....

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Thriving this Winter

May 29, 2018

Only three more sleeps and we Welcome Winter! And for many the dark mornings and evenings, cold and often rainy and blustery days are not something to look forward to. But on the bright side… tis the season of open fires, scarves, hats & gloves, slow-cooked casseroles & curries and warming soups & stews. It’s time to embrace the cooler months by taking time to nourish our bodies with seasonal, wholesome meals and nourish our connections with people by sharing these meal....

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The Lost Art of Convalescence

July 12, 2017

Did you know that Australia is now one of the nations that work the longest hours in the world? The relaxed image of the easy-going Aussie would seem a thing of the past. The pressure we feel from our workplace or family or most importantly ourselves has us continually ‘soldiering-on’  We see ourselves as invincible and that any illness is either a weakness or a nuisance that needs to be dealt with quickly so we can get on with the important things in our lives. And as a result we do not al....

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Introducing New Liposome Technology

October 24, 2016

Have you ever taken a supplement that has wreaked  havoc on your digestive system? Or tried to get your Vitamin D levels elevated, but no matter how long you take a D-supplement for, you just can’t seem to get them to optimal levels? Well liposomal technology may just be the solution for you. Liposomes are a relatively new technology that delivers your vitamin supplement via the mouth (transmucosal absorption), thus by-passing the gut and substantially increasing absorption into the cells ....

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How Toxic is Your Home?

August 2, 2016

There are hundreds of cleaning products on the market and though useful to clean away dirt and grime, chemical cleaners can also burden our internal and external environment. According to Nicole Bijlsma, building biologist and author of the book, “Healthy Home, Healthy Family”, chemical cleaning products were only introduced after World War 2 with the advent of the industrial revolution. Somehow these chemical industries have marketed to us that ‘all germs are bad and we need to use har....

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Eating In Season

April 1, 2016

On the weekend we ordered some native plants and trees for our garden as well as seeds and  seedlings for our winter vegie crop (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, parsnips, carrots, winter greens and peas). The expert down at the nursery told us that now is the perfect time to plant because we’ve had some great rain and there’s still enough warmth in the air and soil for the plants to establish their root systems before Winter.  If we leave it too late, when the warmth is all gone, then they....

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Mid-Year Resolutions

June 23, 2015

For many of us the winter solstice is a significant turning point. It’s officially the shortest day of the year and from now on in the days get longer. It is such a subtle shift in our mindset that can significantly affect our outlook. Many of us are a little more optimistic about Winter even though we know we still have a fair bit of cold weather ahead of us. This year’s Winter Solstice fell on Sunday and it traditionally celebrates the birth of the new solar year and for us in the south....

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9 Top Health & Wellness Trends for 2015

February 2, 2015

Wellness as a lifestyle choice really took off in 2014 but I suspect it to gain momentum in 2015 as this lifestyle becomes the new norm. Here are 9 health and wellness trends to watch this coming year. 1. Mindful Eating This ancient practice is now a modern trend according to Jackie Middleton. “Mindful eating means choosing foods with deliberate intention, being aware of taste and texture and chewing your food until it’s a paste,” says Joy McCarthy, a Toronto-based certified holistic nut....

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Your Winter Toolkit

May 20, 2014

‘A severe flu season is predicted, yet many aren’t willing to protect themselves’ writes Katrina Creer in Sunday’s Body and Soul (Herald Sun, 18/5/14). She goes on to say that ‘experts predict three strains of flu will hit all age groups. These include the swine flu (H1N1) strain, the H3N2 flu strain and influenza B strains. It’s still autumn, yet a higher than usual 3488 diagnosed flu cases have been reported’. Our Winter Tool Kit Every year, around this time the team at Mammoth....

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Are You Ageing Prematurely?

May 13, 2014

Ageing well is more than about taking a multivitamin and the food you eat. Anti-ageing is all about looking great and feeling great, having boundless energy and vitality at any age. Here at Mammoth Health as we are always actively seeking the latest research and science on Anti-ageing… on what keeps us looking great and feeling great and what best keeps our bodies from disease and ageing. How Well Are You Ageing? Have you ever thought about how well you are ageing? The following are ten ....

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4 Easy Steps To Keep Well This Winter

April 19, 2013

Last week we talked about the amazing immune tonic herbs we have available to support and nourish our immune system and “prime” it for winter. This week I’m sharing the other three steps which guarantee optimal health for winter. Our 4 Easy Steps To Prevent “Illness-Sabotage” This Winter Eat Well Exercise regularly Relax & have Fun Supplement with immune tonics Step 1: Eat Well Did you know that the Food you eat has the power to keep you well or contribute to you....

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Happy Mother’s Day

April 18, 2013

Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate and pamper our Mum. It’s about acknowledging and appreciating how nurturing, caring, loving, empowering and resilient they really are and showing our true appreciation to them for always being there for us. Spoiling and pampering is a must for Mum on Mother’s Day and gestures from the heart are all the more special because we give not only in monetary terms but we give of our time – something that we all seem to be a little short of ....

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Folks, This Ain’t Normal

October 24, 2012

“1 hamburger contains pieces of 1000 different animals …food for thought when you next order a Big Mac. I had the great privilege of spending Tuesday evening in a room with Joel Salatin and Rohan Anderson. Joel is a passionate farmer from Virginia,  in the US and is in Australia  sharing his philosophy on local food systems and the harsh reality of where our food really comes from -  and the cost and consequences this is ultimately having on our health, sustainability and our connect....

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Diagnosis Cancer

July 24, 2012

Last week the Mammoth Health Naturopath team attended a practitioner seminar on our role in supporting people who have been diagnosed with and being treated for cancer. It has been researched that 70% of people who have been diagnosed with cancer sought and used complementary medicine in addition to receiving conventional care₁ With an estimated 114,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in Australia in 2010, it is expected that one in two Australians will be diagnosed by the age of 85 (Cancer C....

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

May 21, 2012

I’ve been very fortunate to have spent the last couple of weeks in Mongolia and China. I think the more you travel and meet people from other cultures the more you realise that we are more similar than different. However one thing I do love about exploring other cultures is trying new foods and learning about their traditional medicines. I think we can always learn from their ancient wisdom of getting well and staying well. I learnt that there are five ways of Traditional Chinese Medici....

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Easter Feasting

April 2, 2012

Have you noticed that the date in which Easter falls varies from year to year. This is because Easter falls on the first Sunday after the Full Moon that falls on or after the Spring equinox(or Autumn equinox for us in the southern hemisphere). The equinox generally falls on March 21stand therefore Easter is always celebrated between late March and late April. I just love that the traditional time for reflection and celebration is determined by our moon and her natural phases. It is wide....

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