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Hormonal Harmony

October 20, 2017

It’s difficult to know what a normal cycle is, especially when so many young women experience symptoms throughout their cycle. Just because these symptoms are common doesn’t mean they are normal… on the contrary! Pre-menstrual symptoms are actually an alert to us that our hormones are out of “whack”. And this is where, with a little knowledge and awareness, we can re-balance these hormones so you can live a much more harmony-filled and balanced life. How’s Your Cycle? Do you or you....

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Ages, Stages and Hormones

October 19, 2015

The Four Most Common Health Issues we see Facing Women throughout their lives are: 1. Hormonal issues 2. Stress and its impact on health 3. Weight management 4. Low Energy These health issues are often all related and are not necessarily independent of each other. No matter what health issue you are presenting with, if indicated, we will be addressing and treating you holistically because you are very complex. This weekend’s Secret Women’s Business theme is “Ages, Stages ....

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Power & Passion for Women

February 11, 2014

Put Some ‘Power & Passion’ Back Into Your Relationship This Valentine’s Day   Differences in desire between women and their partners are often a source of frustration, resentment and reduction of intimacy for many couples. Could We Just Be Misinterpreting His Advances? According to Bettina Arndt’s latest book, The Sex Diaries, the desire for sex (or lack of it) relies on what’s going on in our head at the time. It seems to us that men have sex on the brain all the time! ....

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