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On the 5th Day of Christmas… Stay Alkalised

December 17, 2019

Festive food and drink tends to be very acidic so it pays to stay alkalised this time of year. Alkalising or ‘balancing the pH of your body’ will provide your body with a level of nutrition that it can use to maintain optimum health and lots of energy and vitality. ‘Staying Alkalised’ can also enhance toxin excretion as well as prevent disease. It is impossible to avoid acid production in the body, as acids are produced as part of regular everyday metabolism. However it is possible t....

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The Age of Personalised Medicine has Arrived

October 30, 2018

Each of us is unique and our health and wellness can be directly affected by our individual, inherent differences as well as diet, lifestyle choices and the environment we live in. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, Personalized Medicine allows our practitioners to tailor treatment protocols to you specifically, so you achieve more positive outcomes. While the tailoring of treatment to patients has always been a fundamental feature of functional and complementary medicine, advanc....

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Announcing our 2018 “Gut-Instinct” Seminar Series

February 20, 2018

The Gut and microbiome Is certainly a hot topic in both the medical world, the naturopathic world and the media as hundreds of millions of dollars is being forwarded to research  in how the state of our microbiome affects our health or in many cases, ill-health. And for good reason… the future is exciting for both the prevention and treatment of innumerable health conditions as Science finally recognises a connection between chronic disease and gut dysbiosis, which supports the core ph....

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Strong Body, Strong Mind

February 13, 2018

I’m a huge believer in the mind body connection, that the power of our mind and our mindset has an influence on the physiology of our body. Conversely, I also believe that a strong body influences the state of our mind, our mood, our thinking and our choices. For example over the Christmas and festive season it is wonderful to celebrate with family and friends with festive foods and alcohol; to relax our routines and to rest and rejuvenate. But come the end of January and start of Februa....

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Geelong’s Adult Health Report

March 18, 2015

Geelong has an adult population of 160,000. And our health, as a community, is not looking that great. According to Healthy Together Geelong, 56% of us are overweight or obese and a whopping 95% of us do not eat the recommended 5-6 serves of vegetables per day. Over half of us drink alcohol at risky levels for our health and 19.2% consume sugar-sweetened drinks every single day. There are about sixteen teaspoons of sugar in a 600ml bottle of regular soft drink so that cumulative effect of su....

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Accept That You Are Unique

February 23, 2015

For the past couple of weeks I have been sharing my philosophy on ageing. You and I both know there are no magic pills or quick fixes. If you value your health – how you feel, how you look, living with boundless energy and to your potential - then you must be prepared to take responsibility and change the way you live. Change is hard because it pushes us out of our comfortable state. But if you want a different result, a different way of living then you can’t keep doing the same things y....

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Simple 7-Step Rejuvenating Formula

February 16, 2015

Introducing “The Simple 7 Step Rejuvenating Formula to REVERSE the Ravageing Symptoms of Advanced Ageing” These ‘7 Steps’ are empowering women & men right now to fight back against advanced ageing. You see, ‘anti-ageing’ isn’t something you can find in a bottle. It’s not something to reduce, plump or pop, it requires a committed lifestyle solution. Only once you step up and take control will you start to look and feel younger, get lean and fit, have a glowing complexion a....

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Are You Ageing Prematurely?

February 9, 2015

Are you fed up with feeling worn out and lethargic all the time.... having barely enough energy come 3pm to finish the day out…? Are you worried about those deepening creases in your complexion that are getting harder and harder to hide…? Are you tired of feeling those telling twinges in your joints and muscles in the morning that you know is only going to get worse and more painful as the day progresses…? Have you tried every diet but nothing seems to help you shift those last st....

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How’s Your Body Composition?

August 31, 2014

What Is Body Composition? Your body is made up of fat mass and fat-free mass. Fat-free mass includes lean muscle, bones, organs, tissue and water. When people refer to body composition, they are generally talking about body fat percent, or the percentage of your body mass that is fat. You can’t change the part of your body that is bones, tissues and organs but you can change the ratio of fat to muscle with exercise and a good diet. How Is Body Composition Measured? There are several diff....

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November 20, 2013

Our Secret Women’s Business  brings an anti-ageing focus here at Mammoth Health as we are forever studying the latest research and science on Anti-ageing… on what keeps us looking great and feeling great and what best keeps our bodies from disease and ageing. In the past year or so I’ve seen a subtle shift from synthetic forms of supplementation to more natural forms… namely supplements that are based from food forms with high antioxidant activity and are alkalising. These are aptl....

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Anti-Ageing Miracle

July 31, 2012

Resveratrol… is this the new Anti-Ageing Miracle? Imagine knowing the secret to anti-ageing and optimum health. Imagine if it came in a tablet. I’m sure we’d all be lining up to get a bottle. There has been no such pill designed yet but there is a relatively new supplement out that claims to be an anti-ageing miracle molecule. Resveratrol, a molecule identified in 1992, is a compound found most abundantly in red wine. It is actually the compound that protects the grape from virus....

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