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Are You Summer Ready?

areyousummerreadySummer Ready 2014 Program

This time of year we get many enquiries on how to look and feel great for summer. Many are stuck in a rut of too much comfort food, not enough exercise, extra kilos creeping on, feeling lethargic, unmotivated, sluggish and tired. Many are suffering from headaches, poor sleep, mood swings and irritability and lack focus and concentration. Others have constant cravings for sugary or salty foods and still more people are developing sensitivities to certain foods or have constant allergies, feel run down and can’t seem to get over a virus.

More often than not this feeling is a result of our modern lifestyle – we’re all carrying a toxic load! So now’s the time to do something about it -and with Summer just around the corner I would like to share with you the very successful approach we take to resolve this often complex issue.

Are You Summer Ready?

In the four weeks of our Summer Ready 2014 program we move you through two very distinct phases.

Summer Ready 2014 Phase One

Phase one of the Summer Ready program is designed to aid elimination of toxins, fluid build-up, excess sugar molecules and aid digestive function.
We do this by stimulating the liver’s detoxification processes, enzyme production and regulating insulin production.

During this stage you will experience an increase in energy, enhanced digestive function and weight loss.

You will be issued an individualised eating plan to follow for fourteen days that incorporates lifestyle guidelines including exercise protocols.
This plan will be supported with gentle but effective cellular detoxification supplements.

This phase is important to establish elimination of built up toxins through lymphatic, hepatic and digestive systems. So initially there’s a possibility you may experience some cleansing symptoms like skin break-outs or headaches but overall you will feel the benefits of regular eating and the impact of a decreased sugar and carbohydrate load.
Assessing the body’s state of imbalance will be monitored via iridology, pH level testing, body measurements, weight readings and tongue and nail analysis.

Summer Ready 2014 Phase Two

In Phase two of the Summer Ready program digestive function will be stimulated and supported by improving bacterial balance through the intestinal microbiota.
By encouraging digestive balance and reducing toxic load we are enabling the body to stimulate its own detoxification processes and continue breaking down food effectively without the sugar and acidic residue.

This will improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream and produce energy.

Throughout this phase we will be encouraging sustainable eating habits and easing digestive burden through a phase two eating plan.

Measuring the body’s physical signs of detoxification will continue throughout this phase

During this phase you will typically experience great energy levels and vitality, clear eyes and glowing skin, increasing weight loss and increased focus and concentration. Sleep will improve as will allergy symptoms and a reduction in mood swings, irritability and headaches. You will no longer be craving sugary and salty foods and your zest for life will return.

Summer Ready 2014 Maintenance Phase

On completion of the Summer Ready 2014 program your body will have a stronger ability to breakdown food molecules, your lymphatic system will have a reduced toxic load and you will have much improved digestive function. Targeting and addressing these systems will improve mental and physical energy, metabolic rate as well as enhance your immunity.

You will be provided with valuable protocols and supplements to take away to continue implementing gentle detoxification protocols in your everyday life.

Maintenance is important to establish boundaries with food and keep the positive relationship going between food, mind and body without compromising your lifestyle. This is also an important time to reflect also on the achievements that have been made and feeling proud of your outcomes.

Are You Ready To Transform & Live To Your Potential This Summer?

If you are sick of being overweight, living with low energy, mood swings and irritability;
And if you are sick of the quick fix, magic pills and magic promises and the yo-yo dieting that just doesn’t work;
And if you are committed and ready to make a change this summer
…then this program is for you.

Our Summer Ready 2014 program starts this month and is capped at ten people per program.

If you are ready to secure your place contact us NOW in-store or on 5243 9084.

Because It’s Not A Rehearsal
Live Better

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