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In our industry educating, prescribing, and imparting professional knowledge is what we do to promote change and help people to get well.
And whilst it is so very important to get the correct information, and the latest research and professional advice, there is still something amiss.

Because although we are getting great results with helping people restore their health when they become unwell, we’re often not getting long-term, sustainable results.
And this is reflected in our Health statistics.
Regardless of the overwhelming amount of information out there, as a society we are getting fatter, we are suffering from more anxiety and depression and we are suffering from more lifestyle diseases than ever before.

There is a real need for a change in approach

Globally, the health care industry cannot keep up with the ill health caused by poor lifestyle choices.

Wellness is what people strive for – and we now know that wellness consists of many different elements including, physical fitness, good nutrition, restorative sleep, a balance between work and play, the ability to handle stress and good mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
In fact we know that the state of our mental and emotional health are as important as our physical health.

Wellness Coaching takes a different approach to helping you create relevant, long-term change so that you are moving towards a happy, healthy you… full of energy and vitality so you can flourish and thrive and live your best life.

Our approach supports you in clarifying and moving towards:
a) How you envision yourself at your healthiest – full of vitality and energy to pursue your dreams and purpose in life
b) Why do you want it – what are the things most important to you in life
c) What’s stopping you – what are the everyday things that are stopping you from moving towards your best self
d) And together creating a plan of action, a clear map if you like, to achieve your vision

Our approach is not about just fixing illness

Our approach is to help you envision for yourself…

  • “You” at your healthiest, most vital and the happiest you can be.
    • “You”, living a life according to your values and what’s important to you.
    • “You”, living a purposeful life in line with your passions and dreams

And then creating a roadmap to get from where you are now to that wonderful vision of yourself, flourishing and thriving and living your best life.

And this life will be unique and right for you.
No-one else can prescribe this life for you. No-one can advise, recommend, educate, or counsel you on what is the right life for you.
Because no-one knows you, like you do.

And your autonomy over this process will be paramount as it is the key to your success.

Our role is to be with you every step of the way. To encourage, support and believe in you. To help you build confidence, identify your strengths, align to your life values so you find the motivation and to work through your ‘road-blocks’. We will be there to help you unpack all the stuff that’s getting in the way of living your best life.

So the question is…

  • Are you ready for change that is both long-term and sustainable?
  • Are you ready to explore a life of vitality, purpose and passion?
  • Are you ready to live your best life?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions then Book a Free 15 min phone consultation with me Now to see if I can help you.

This Free Phone Consultation is Obligation free. We do this to ensure that we can help you.
We know not everyone is ready for our Wellness Coaching and we only work with people who are ready and committed.
We will be totally open and honest with you and if we feel that this is not right for you just yet we will refer you to other practitioners who can help you.

Book Now On-line or call 5243 9084 and ask for your Free 15 min Wellness phone consultation and start your journey to living your best life.

“Because it’s Not a Rehearsal”
Live Better

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