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Are You Ageing Prematurely?

resverityAre you fed up with feeling worn out and lethargic all the time…. having barely enough energy come 3pm to finish the day out…?

Are you worried about those deepening creases in your complexion that are getting harder and harder to hide…?

Are you tired of feeling those telling twinges in your joints and muscles in the morning that you know is only going to get worse and more painful as the day progresses…?

Have you tried every diet but nothing seems to help you shift those last stubborn kilos no matter how much exercise or will power you have dedicated to them…?

And if you’re noticing your lethargy and low self-confidence are triggering mood swings and effecting relationships and choices in your life, then you need to listen carefully…

You’re not alone and it’s not your fault.


If you have reached a point where you would do almost anything to feel like your old self again, have boundless energy and renew your ageing complexion and restore that glow of natural beauty…


… This could be the most important message you will ever read.


Big call? Maybe. Let me explain…

As you read further, you will discover that despite what you have been told or believe…much of how we feel and put down to “just getting older” can actually be prevented. It all comes down to the…

Right identification of the underlying problems that are causing us to look and feel older than we really are.


Lucky for you… I’m going to share just how you can make immediate changes, without having the budget of a Hollywood celebrity!

Can you imagine how great life will be again with…?

  • NO MORE worrying about deepening crease lines and tired complexion
  • NO MORE fad health kicks only to resort back to ‘hard to beat’ habits
  • NO MORE grumpy and snappy mood swings that damage your relationships…
  • NO MORE unnecessary aches and pains from bad lifestyle choices…
  • NO MORE energy burnouts and spot sleep catch-ups to try and feel normal again….

But I’m getting way ahead of myself here. First… let me explain to you the typical process of ageing. Why is that important?

Well for starters… Ageing is a normal, unavoidable physiological process. It happens to all of us…But how much does our lifestyle really influence how our body ages and all that goes along with that?

There are over 300 physiological reasons for ageing, but let’s look at the 3 leading causes here:

Theory #1 – Free Radical Damage.


This scientifically respected theory focuses on the unstable molecules that are free radicals. Free radicals are created in our bodies through the normal metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. They can also be introduced to our bodies through external sources such as pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation (sun etc) and certain foods.

While it is normal to have a level of free radicals in our bodies, it is when the balance is tipped in their favour that problems can begin.

Thankfully, our body has a wonderful defense mechanism against these free radicals, including antioxidants. Some antioxidants are genetically predetermined, while others are obtained from what we eat.

Studies have shown that those people living longer have higher than average levels of blood antioxidants and the control of free radicals has been shown to extend the life of multi-cellular organisms by up to 6 times in laboratory experiments.


Theory #2 – Telomere Shortening.


This theory relates to “cell-cycle control” and the fact that all our cells have a finite lifespan. We turn over trillions of cells every month and just before each cell dies, it “divides”. Telomeres effectively ensure that our DNA is encoded correctly on the new cells. With each act of cell division, our telomeres get shorter. When they get too short, our chromosomes get damaged, our DNA gets damaged and this ultimately leads to ageing.

Theory #3 – Hormonal Changes.


It has been shown that as we grow older, certain hormone levels decrease and others increase. The hormones that decrease are DHEA (boosts immune system and brain function), estrogen, progesterone and testosterone (sex hormones that also help build muscle, bone and connective tissue, keep us mentally alert and protect us from heart disease) and human growth hormone (stimulates bones, nerves, muscle, skin and organs to regenerate).

“It is clear that ageing is not related to just one thing.   It is a cumulative effect of multiple processes occurring at the same time”


Yes, some changes to your body are inevitable….

But it is imperative to differentiate the normal physiological changes from those that we cause & most importantly, that are preventable!

You see, most people complaining of prematurely losing their looks, lethargy and other so called “age-related” ailments have un-diagnosed problems that have nothing to do with ageing at all, but is simply a symptom of their lifestyle.

That’s right!

Feeling like you just want to collapse in a heap on the couch at the end of the day or getting depressed over the creased reflection staring back at you from the mirror is NOT NECESSARILY A PRODUCT OF AGE!

There are underlying factors at play that most women aren’t even aware of which are preventing you from living the lifestyle YOU WANT!


The best news is IT’S NOT TOO LATE. You still have time to reverse these symptoms, if you know how.


Scientists believe that less than 30% of our longevity is controlled by genetics, while the highest proportion (57%) is attributed to our lifestyle!

Your lifestyle, level of activity, habits and diet are combining to sabotage you from feeling great. The cumulative effects of these things will ensure your body feels and looks much older than it really is…..It is making you look and feel 5, 10 or even more years higher than the candles on your cake tell you…

If you have the biological age of someone much older, it stands to reason you are not only robbing yourself of years, but are also likely to be missing out on all those fun activities you used to do….And still could if you just felt better and more confident ….

You CAN Do Something!

I personally believe that to live better and optimally you need to first take responsibility for your own health and the way you live. Every choice you make from what you choose to eat to how you choose to react to stressful situations to how often you choose to be active has a direct impact on your health.

We all personally have the power to ‘Look Better, Feel Healthier and Take Control of Our Lifestyle and Future Happiness’.

Now it’s your turn….
Stay tuned – next week I’ll talk about my Simple 7 Step Rejuvenating Formula to Reverse the Ravaging Symptoms of Advanced Ageing

“Because It’s Not A Rehearsal”
Live Better

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