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Resveratrol… is this the new Anti-Ageing Miracle?

Imagine knowing the secret to anti-ageing and optimum health. Imagine if it came in a tablet. I’m sure we’d all be lining up to get a bottle. There has been no such pill designed yet but there is a relatively new supplement out that claims to be an anti-ageing miracle molecule.

Resveratrol, a molecule identified in 1992, is a compound found most abundantly in red wine. It is actually the compound that protects the grape from viruses, fungi and disease and scientists believe these antioxidant and protective properties also work on us.

Resveratrol has been shown in animal trials to have potential benefits in three of the four anti-aging categories:

  1. 1.preventing the diseases of ageing
  2. 2.inducing DNA repair
  3. 3.activating the anti-aging gene (known as Sirt 1)

No other drug or natural compound has been associated with all of these potential effects.

As we age our repairing and regenerating mechanisms slow – think about how quickly you used to recover from a big night out when you were in your early twenties compared to now!
It has been suggested that resveratrol will stimulate our body’s repairing mechanisms to repair and regenerate faster. Couple this with the amazing antioxidant effects, resveratrol acts by “mopping up” free radicals and thus protects our cells from damage and disease.

Free radicals are generated from all the external toxins we are exposed to (pollution, food additives, pesticides, flavourings, colourings, off-gassing, chemicals in our skin-care and water etc) as well as all the internal toxins we create through stress hormones, gut dysbiosis etc

Following on from last week’s blog on cancer, resveratrol along with green tea and curcumin help regulate the cell cycle. Cell cycle deregulation means there are fundamental alterations in the control of cell division, resulting in an unrestrained cell proliferation.
In studies and trials at major universities and research centres since the mid 1990s resveratrol has been shown to have an incredible range of potential health benefits. Although there is a clear and pressing need for additional human studies, given the evidence to date and the absence of reported adverse effects, adding this compound to your daily supplement mix may now be worth considering.

The secret we know at Mammoth Health to anti-ageing and optimum health encompasses
7 Core Principles:

  1. 1.Eat Well
  2. 2.The Power of Supplementing
  3. 3.Making Exercise a Priority
  4. 4.Managing Stress
  5. 5.Maintaining Mental & Emotional Health
  6. 6.Creating a positive Mindset
  7. 7.Focusing on our Spirit & Purpose

I think it is well worth your while adding this supplement to your basic daily supplementation (as I have). But don’t forget about the other 6 principles – they truly are the secret to anti-ageing: boundless energy, looking fantastic, feeling fantastic, and having wonderful vitality.

And sourcing your resveratrol from a glass of red wine now and then like the French do (the French Paradox) can be a very civilised and enjoyable way of improving your health…. just remember all things in moderation.

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