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Announcing our Winter Wellness Week

Mammoth Health’s Winter Wellness Week
Monday 25th June – Friday 29th June

Enjoy a whole week of Winter Wellness professional advice, ideas, tastings, Health Mapping, Testing & Wellness Support to help you Thrive this Winter

Mammoth Health invites you to a week-long Wellness Fest. Every day we will focus on a specific theme where you can pop in-store and take some time to slow down, connect, sample and ask questions about your Winter wellbeing.
And you can take advantage of our free consultations on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday where our team will take some time with you to map your health and wellness. You will need to book your free consultation time in-store or call 5243 9084. Be quick, they will fill fast.

Pick up your Free Winter-Wellness booklet in-store during the week, it will be choc-full of empowering information, ideas, recipes and personalised assessments to help you to live with great Energy and Vitality this Winter.
And take advantage of the myriad of product sampling and tastings we will have available during the week.
We will have our amazing range of children’s products for your kids’ to try throughout the week as well as Adult cough syrups, Echinacea Immunobursts, zinc testing and more.
We have an amazing week-long competition of a $100 worth of Bioceuticals products carefully prescribed for you so you can live with great health and wellness.

“Winter Wellness”  What’s on for the Week

We will take you on a week-long journey of awareness as well as provide you with a series of practical steps you can take to improve your health so you can live a balanced and happy life.

1.Mushroom Monday (Monday 25th June)

Discover the traditional elixirs of immune health… mushrooms.
Brooke will guide you through the beautiful immune, tonic and convalescent properties of specific mushrooms and you can also taste the beautiful Organic Immunity Cocoa and our famous Miso-Shitake broth…

2.Gut-Instinct Tuesday (Tuesday 26th June)

Tuesday will be all about the link between your gut and your immunity.
Different probiotic strains are used for different conditions so take our mini-questionnaire and find the right probiotic strain(s) for you.
We will also be de-coding the world of gelatin, glutamine and prebiotic powders and their healing properties on your gut as well as sampling beautiful probiotic cultures, fire ciders and gelatin-gummies.

3.Mapping your Health on Wednesday and Thursday (27th & 28th June)
What does your eyes, tongue and nails say about your health?

Be quick to take up this very rare opportunity on Wednesday and Thursday where our consulting Naturopaths, Brooke and Teresa will “Map your Health”. Through iridology, tongue analysis and nail analysis, our Naturopaths will provide you with a clear map of the state of your current health and what steps you can take to embrace Winter with great health, energy and vitality.
You will need to book your Free personal 10-minute mapping consultation in-store or call us on 5243 9084
Be Quick, these limited free mapping consultations will book out fast

4.Friday Fun-Day (Friday 29th June)
Work with Mary to ‘Find your Flow’

Ever thought about what it would be like to be living your best life… a life full of energy and vitality; a life aligned with your values where you wake up every morning, bounce out bed to greet the day with optimism and confidence because you are living your life’s purpose and passion. You look great, feel great and have developed a host of healthy habits and rituals that are the foundation of your amazing wellness and positive mindset. Book your Free 15 minute Introductory Wellness Coaching Consultation in-store or call us on 5243 9084 and find out how you can thrive and flourish and live your best life. Be Quick, these limited Intro Wellness Coaching consultations will book out fast.

Get the best advice from qualified practitioners
Mammoth Health has a team of qualified Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Wellness Coaching practitioners available for consultation at our In-store Clinics. Consultations are available daily. Book your Consultation Now

“Because it’s Not a Rehearsal”
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