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An Unforgettable Experience

Isn’t it such a great feeling of achievement when you rise to a challenge…  succeed in something that stretches your comfort zone; your boundaries.


I’m so excited to tell you that we completed our 7 day Larapinta trek- through the West MacDonnell ranges, near Alice Springs. And to thank all those generous people who sponsored me to take up the challenge (we raised well over $5000.00 for our Chilean women’s charity, “La Leona”).

And it was Awesome!

We saw amazing views and swam in secluded waterholes and gorges. My favourite spots were the dry river beds with their majestic river red gums – iconic to the Northern Territory (I’ve taken lots of photos and will have them on ‘slideshow’ in-store next week).

We were up at dawn (and before) every morning, trekked throughout the day, and set up camp in late afternoon before dark. The track was mostly pretty rough, and downright tough in some parts, but the rewards were amazing! Because of the recent heavy rains we saw lots of wild flowers and native animals (including a visit from a snake into our campsite one night!). And the mice plague has certainly invaded the red centre as the pesky little creatures took great delight in running over our tents every night.

My absolute highlight was Day Six where we rose at 1.40am to start climbing Mt Sonder at 2.30am. The aim was to trek to the top (4hours) to see the sunrise over the West MacDonnell ranges. It was a great feeling to be part of a close knit team, all donned with head torches, hiking up the mountain in the stillness of the night (while the rest of the world slept).
The night sky was awesome as was the call of the dingoes we could hear in the distance.

An unforgettable experience and achievement not normally experienced in our daily lives.

It is important that we occasionally seek new experiences that push our boundaries, our comfort zone. It is through these positive ‘adventures’ that we grow, learn and reach our own potential.


What’s your next adventure?


“Because it’s not a Rehearsal”
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