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Have you ever wondered why your friend gets amazing results from different vitamins and supplements and you don’t? Or how certain foods and ‘diets’ work for your partner but not for you? Or why you are prone mood to variations such as anxiety and depression or consistently experience lowered energy, lowered immunity or lowered metabolism?

Mammoth Health extends an invitation to have an open conversation about Personalised Medicine and how advances in genetic testing now mean we can determine how a person’s genes may influence their health as well as identify more specific and suitable foods, supplements and treatment protocols to help optimize overall wellbeing.

Join our conversation as we discuss how changes in our individual genes impact our enzymes and proteins and provide insights into specific health risks and allow for more informed health and lifestyle decisions.

We will be specifically looking at our hormone and fertility profile, as well as detoxification, methylation, mood & cognition and nutrigenomic profiles. As well as the importance of privacy and the difference between this type of DNA testing and others on the market

So if you are interested in a personalised treatment protocol to optimise your health specifically or are experiencing certain symptoms and health issues that you just can’t seem to resolve… this Evening is for You.

Join us For a Free Information Evening on the
Age of Personalised Medicine

Date: Wednesday November 7th
Time: 6pm-7pm
Where: In-store at Mammoth Health
Register: This is a FREE Evening but bookings are essential because seats are Limited.
BOOK NOW: To Secure your Seat, call us on 5243 9084 or pop in store.
Be quick, this Evening will fill quickly.

We look forward to seeing you there

Because it’s Not a Rehearsal
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