Vitality Challenge Detox and Cleanse

livebettervitality2Are You Up For It?

  • are sick of feeling lethargic, unmotivated, stodgy and overweight?
  • are suffering from headaches, poor sleep, mood swings and irritability.
  • are feeling run down, exhausted, moody, have constant allergies and generally feeling lousy?
  • are not coping with your demanding lifestyle, the kids, the dog, your never-ending commitments?
  • are feeling like you’re on a merry-go-round. Knowing that you should exercise more, eat healthier, stress less but never quite getting around to doing it?
  • are sick of living the way you do and know that now is the time to make a change?!

Well now is the perfect time to make a commitment to do something positive for yourself.

Where The Amateurs And Ill-Informed Get It Wrong?

Tried detoxing before?…  and found it incredibly difficult with harsh symptoms and short-term results?
We see this scenario often.

One of the most common occurrences during cleansing and detox programs, especially ones that focus primarily on treating the liver without first correcting the environment and the gut, is a violent reaction most commonly known as a “Healing Crisis”. We often hear stories of people who have undergone an advertised “detox” program and complain of symptoms like nausea, pain, headaches, lethargy, aggravation of inflammatory symptoms or increased sensitivity to dietary and environmental chemicals.
This may have even happened to you.

This is caused by a stimulation of Phase 1 liver detoxification, without the correct nutrients to support the whole process. This leads to an increase in production of harmful substances (called “reactive intermediates”) that re-circulate throughout the body until Phase 2 of the liver detoxification catches up. These intermediates cause damage to cells and tissues and increase inflammation throughout the body and also result in the unnecessary symptoms associated with “detoxing”. This process is not only damaging, it is counter-productive and unnecessary.

An Expert & Professional Approach

It is vital that the digestive system is repaired and renewed first, before liver function is addressed. Once the digestive system is functioning properly and the external toxin load has been addressed through lifestyle and environmental changes, then the final stage is to enhance the innate detoxification processes, so that accumulated toxins within the body can be safely broken down and removed.

The Mammoth Health “Vitality Challenge” addresses each of these areas, in the right order, to reduce these typical “detox reactions”. This program not only provides you with dietary and lifestyle guidelines to follow to decrease your overall toxic load, but offers you the expertise and support of a professional naturopath to monitor your progress and tailor your treatment – because at the end of the day we are all individuals with different needs, goals and health status. You will visit with your naturopath every week while you are on the challenge and she will assess (using professional tests) and monitor your progress, support you, motivate you and give you the most up-to-date information and research so you can achieve optimum health.


The 3 Steps To Vitality


This stage treats the digestive system first and foremost and acts to remove dysbiotic organisms and waste (‘the nasties’) from the digestive system.


This stage focuses on renewing and rebuilding the digestive lining, supporting the kidneys, and alkalising the body. In this stage you will also be replacing the nasty bugs with good bacteria.


This stage focuses on supporting the liver, gall bladder and kidneys, and helping the body release and remove toxins more effectively.


Live Better “Vitality Challenge”


  • To overhaul, cleanse and heal your digestive system
  • To safely cleanse and remove from your system the built up levels of toxins stored in your body
  • To increase your Vitality, Radiance, & Wellness
  • To Look Fantastic
  • To Feel Fantastic
  • To learn how to eat well so you have full control over your dietary habits and break the“food-craving” cycle.
  • To Maintain or Decrease Weight
  • To Increase your Confidence
  • To Improve your Sleep Quality
  • To Decrease your risk of developing Chronic  Diseases (diabetes, heart disease, cancer)
  • To Develop a positive Mindset and create ongoing healthy, daily habits.
  • To Take Control of your Health, your Life and Live to Your Potential.


  • A six week Cleansing and Detox program designed by scientific experts and delivered exclusively by our Professional Naturopaths in the Mammoth Health Clinic.
  • 6 x One-on -One Private Consultations with one of our Qualified Naturopaths to test, measure and monitor your progress;  and educate, support, motivate and individualise your treatment  along the way.
  • Simple tests that will measure and monitor your  alkalinity and zinc levels.
  • Iris Analysis, Nail & Tongue Analysis
  • Quality, high-dose, Practitioner Supplements that have been specifically designed for each stage of the Challenge.
  • A Dietary & Lifestyle Guide with ideal Ingredients & a Shopping List and lifestyle guidelines to enhance optimum health.
  • FREE Herbal Tea, Deluxe Raw Nut Mix & LSA to get you started
  • FREE Weekly Motivation emails to support and motivate you


NB This Opportunity Is NOT For Everyone!

If you are not willing to make this opportunity work, to develop the right mindset, put in the effort now so you can reap the rewards down the track then this Challenge is not for you.

And if you are looking for a magic pill so can sit back and let us do all the hard work for you… then it’s not for you.

It’s only for those who are committed to making a change in their eating habits, exercise habits and mindset. It is a CHALLENGE – and will require preparation, organisation, motivation, accountability, a positive mental attitude and some hard work, sweat (and hopefully no tears!). If you are ready to take a positive leap and reap the priceless rewards then call us now.

Call Mammoth Health on (03) 5243 9084 to make your appointment now.

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