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Wellness means different things to different people, however  the general consensus is that wellness means more than just the absence of disease. We are body, mind and spirit, and to achieve life-long wellness we need to address, nurture and be mindful that they are interconnected. You can’t flourish without your health and healthy people are more likely to thrive and be resilient in the face of life’s challenges.

What Happens in a Wellness Coaching Consultation

Our Wellness Coaching approach is a little different to attending a standard health consultation. Whilst we do have some expertise in health and wellness, in our wellness coaching sessions you are in the driver’s seat. Because it’s only you that can create a wellness vision that’s right for you, and it’s only you that can determine and define what’s important to you in your life. So rather than tell you what you should be doing we will help you clarify for yourself what’s best for you and help you on your journey to achieve this vision.

In our experience telling people what to do creates resistance because we all want autonomy – we fundamentally don’t like to be told what to do.
As health and wellness coaches we are the catalyst for helping people to thrive as opposed to being prescribers and educators.

We help our clients envision things that don’t yet exist, and in partnership we facilitate a change process that enables our clients to change their mindsets and develop & sustain behaviours proven to improve health and wellbeing, going beyond what they have been able to do alone.

Difference between Wellness Coaching and Life Coaching

Wellness coaching focus broadly across all areas of physical and mental wellness, however understands the limitations of their expertise and can identify when to refer on to expert professionals if needed. Life coaches tend to work with clients across all areas of their life where a client seeks improvement and change. They tend not to however, use principles of behaviour change and are not necessarily trained in health and wellness disciplines

Distinguish between Wellness Coaching and Therapy (eg counselling, psychology)

They are similar in the sense that both draw upon behaviour change and positive psychology theories and methodologies, however professionals conducting therapy sessions are trained in delving into the subconscious mind or profound past experiences to help resolve issues where coaches are not.

In Wellness Coaching the focus is on optimizing health and helping clients to flourish – to help them create a more positive future for themselves including helping them to develop in themselves resilience, confidence and their life’s purpose.

Wellness Coaching Structure

Our Private Wellness Coaching Sessions run from 4 Weeks to 12 months

The Platinum – 12 Month Program consists of 17 private wellness coaching consultations and are structured as follows:

First 4 Sessions:              Scheduled Weekly
Following 4 Sessions:    Scheduled Fortnightly
Following 9 Sessions:    Scheduled Monthly

Consultation length:      45-60 minute session

The Gold 12 Week Program consists of 8 private wellness coaching consultations and is structured as follows:

First 4 Sessions:              Scheduled Weekly
Following 4 Sessions:    Scheduled Fortnightly

Consultation length:      45-60 minute session

The Silver 4 week Program consists of 4 private wellness coaching consultations and is structured as follows:

First 4 Sessions:             Scheduled Weekly

Consultation length:     45-60 minute session

Vision Creation Private Consultation

Single Session designed to create your Wellness Vision of your Best self

Consultation length:    60- 90 minute session

Journey to Change Group Seminar Series

Series of 4 weekly Seminars
Session 1:  Making Change that Lasts
Session 2: Overcoming Obstacles
Session 3: Climbing Mt Lasting Change
Session 4: The Way Forward – Staying on Track

Group Coaching

Join a group for a 4 week group Wellness Coaching Program

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