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Stress Check

April 18, 2016

For many, life has lost its lustre and stress, anxiety, lowered mood and a lack of balance is often an underlying factor. To lead a balanced, enriching life we all know that we must eat well and exercise… because without optimal health and energy it becomes a daily struggle to reach our potential. But it is equally important for optimal health and happiness that we create balance in our lives… time to stop, relax, reflect and reconnect with nature. And for most of us therein lies the grea....

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12 Top Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

November 2, 2015

If you did not have a good sleep last night, join the queue. A national sleep study estimates that 80% of Australians are experiencing some issues with sleeping and insomnia which is negatively impacting their waking life (Pfizer Australia Health Report). In fact, lack of sleep is becoming a serious problem for many as we work longer hours with increasing pressure in our lives. One of the most important building blocks of vitality resides in the healing power of sleep, an amazing life-sustain....

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Exam Pressure Relief

August 8, 2013

Have you got a son or daughter about to sit exams? This time of year can be a very stressful time for families who have a child studying for VCE or university exams. Often as a parent we can feel quite helpless in the sense that we don’t quite know how to best support our kids so they are able to do their level best. I certainly understand a parent’s struggle with this as I have also had a daughter go through this. Coupled the fact that two of our staff (Michelle & Emma) who will ....

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Running on Empty?

March 8, 2012

I attended a professional seminar early this week on stress and anxiety disorders and like many other clinics in Australia we’ve noticed a marked increase in people presenting with stress, anxiety and depression. These disorders currently affect over 400 million people around the world and in Australia one in five people will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. The World Health Organisation acknowledges that depression is already a leading cause of disability and predicts that by....

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